Budgets and Annual Financial Reports



NPA’s Governing Board proposed its expenditure budget for Fiscal Year 2023 on June 20th, 2022, and voted to adopt that budget at a meeting on July 11th, 2022.

In light of subsequent actions by the state legislature, NPA’s Governing Board adopted a Revision to its FY2023 budget at its meeting on Tuesday, September 27, 2022.

Below are links to a summary of the budget expenditures, the budget revenue worksheet, as well as notification of the hearing by the Board:

NPA Proposed FY2023 Budget Revision – Summary

NPA FY2023 Budget Revenue Worksheet – Revision for 9-27-22

Public Hearing Notice for 9-27-22

NPA Budget Summary FY2023 – Adopted as of 7/11/22

NPA Budget Revenue Worksheet FY2023 – Adopted

Budget information for all district and charter schools, across multiple years and versions, is available at the following link:

ADE Website Link for All District and Charter Budgets*

*After you reach NPA in the pulldown listing at this page, use the Submitted File Status link to pull up the search tool that allows for viewing the budget documents – then click on the file name to download the budget document


NPA Budget Summary FY2022 – Revised 9/27/21

Summary of NPA FY2021 Budget Adopted July 6th, 2020

Summary of NPA FY2020 Proposed Budget

Summary of NPA Budget for FY 2019

Summary of NPA Original Proposed Budget FY 2018

Summary of NPA Revised Budget FY 2018 – Sep 25 2017


Please follow the link below to the ADE website to view NPA’s most recent Annual Financial Report. Once there, you may download the report.

Annual Financial Report

Northland Prep Academy Form 990 2020 – FY2021

Northland Preparatory Academy 990 (FY2020)

Northland Preparatory Academy 990 (FY2019)