STEAM Building

Stakeholder surveys have identified the need for modern science lab space since pre-COVID, and NPA is proud to announce that we are engaged with SPS+ Architects and Kinney Construction Services and plan to break ground on 9,000+ sq. ft. addition in April or May 2024.

Contribute to Our Future

NPA needs your support to furnish and equip our STEAM building. Your contributions go directly to our classrooms and laboratories. If you would like to donate at a larger level than specified here, The Sky’s the Limit, please contact David Lykins directly.

Support STEAM

The cost of the construction project is offset and funded through the NPA Governing Board budget process. Our major fundraising campaign to furnish classrooms with the supplies and equipment is necessary to maximize our STEAM programming. As the school’s budget has been maximized on the build, and costs for construction continue to rise, we need direct fina direct financial contributions from our immediate and extended learning communities to to support STEAM initiatives and furnish the building. NPA fundraising campagin will target the following purchases: desks, tables, chairs, lab furniture, equipment, and instructional supplies.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics

NPA’s vision challenges our community to learn, lead, and grow into compassionate problem-solvers and engaged citizens who will bring joyful curiosity to build an equitable world together. This new construction project allows our high school science program to problem-solve in purpose-built science and technology classrooms.

Contact for Subcontractors

If you are interested vendor or contractor looking to contribute to our project, please contact NPA directly or Kinney Construction Services.

Construction Updates
Site 1
May 1-May 27, 2024

Site 2
May 28-July 29, 2024

Site 3
July 30, 2024-May 30, 2025