Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at NPA

DEI Initiatives

In 2020, as part of a national movement to embrace DEI practices, NPA began a process of examining barriers to entry and participation in our academic programs. At that time the Governing Board committed to DEI principles with the creation of a Sub-Committee and the Superintendent selected three primary equity concerns: transportation, technology, and food service.


NPA has partnered with Mountain Line and the city of Flagstaff to provide students with transportation access and routes that honor the needs of students. In just two years, ridership has grown from non-existence to reliably serving 26 NPA students and their families.


NPA is proud of our commitment to providing students and families with the technology students need to succeed in their classrooms and the skills to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Spartans have access to lightning fast internet on campus, can request hotspots for home internet connectivity, and we are now a one-to-one school that provides Google Chromebooks for student use.

Food Service

On September 20, 2023, NPA opened the doors to our Spartan Market to serve our students through the National School Lunch Program. This partnership with FUSD allows all students to choose from healthy options and provides barrier free assistance to nutrition each school day.


NPA’s Mission and Vision statements are a collaborative declaration of our dedication to student success. Revised in 2020, these guiding principles reflect our imperative to provide an education that serves all of our students and stakeholders.



Northland Preparatory Academy challenges our community to learn, lead, and grow into compassionate problem-solvers and engaged citizens who will bring joyful curiosity to build an equitable world together.


Mission Statement

Northland Preparatory Academy provides a collaborative, well-rounded education through academics, arts, and athletics, and provides educational opportunities for a successful future, while fostering a diverse and inclusive community.

Support DEI

Contributions finance professional development and student organizations directly. Arizona tax credit donations can be directed to support DEI initiatives at NPA. Direct financial contributions are also a way to support student clubs. Click below to learn more!

DEI Meetings

DEI meetings happen on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 5:30pm-6:30pm.

MCC Diversity Message

NPA’s multi-cultural club celebrates the diversity of our campus and community. Their rotating bulletin boards feature original student research and bring awareness to diversity and inclusion. Club president, Laura Ortiz says, “It’s our hope to spread a message of diversity at NPA.”

Multi-Cultural Club Monthly Bulletin Boards

Multicultural Club Murals 2023

Phoebe Curran, Class of 2024

“My mural is titled Our Global Campus,  it was commissioned by the Multi-cultural club in Spring of 2022. Each member of the club shared a symbolic representation of their world to be included in the letters. I wanted each part of NPA to be representative of their icons. Over the course the semester I worked to establish the components–background, letters, and symbols. It is much like the way a community of learners is built.”
Dual Enrollment

NPA offers more Dual Enrollment courses than any other school in Flagstaff! These low cost and subsidized college credits help close the equity gap at universities and provide students with financial flexibility as they pursue post-high school education. 

AGEC Pathways

NPA students can take classes toward their associates degrees at NPA, making it possible to earn nearly 1/2 of a Bachelor’s Degree while still in high school.

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Transportation Passes
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Food Service
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September ($ 413.15) avg

May ($640.25) avg 

Student Clubs
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DEI Murals
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Dual Enrollment Student Participants
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6th Grade Enrollment

I’m a planetary scientist, educator, curriculum developer, and researcher who has spent the past decade not only doing planetary science, but also developing, testing, and presenting pro-social programming workshops to professional spaces, including: NASA, The US Geological Survey, educational institutions, high schools, real estate agents, and other professionals. These workshops include: Bystander Intervention; Remote Mentoring; Discussions of Privilege, Power; Employee Peer Support programs; Trauma-Informed Responses for Leaders; and others. I was born on and grew up on a ranch just east of Flagstaff. I attended FUSD public schools for elementary and high school. I attended the University of Arizona in Tucson for undergraduate and graduate school. My family and I moved back home to Flagstaff in 2008. During my planetary science career, I have helped explore the Saturnian system, the Jovian system, asteroids, Mars, Earth and our Moon, and Venus. I am currently NASA’s first Chief Scientist for the Planetary Data Ecosystem.

Moses Milazzo

Professional Development Series on Bystander Intervention

MTSS/DEI for Teachers

NPA Facutly & Staff participate in regular professional development to improve student experience and outcomes. DEI intiatives are a pillar of these learning opportunities.