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Northland Preparatory Academy is a public charter school located in Flagstaff, Arizona currently serving 640 students in grades 6-12. Founded in 1996 by a group of parents determined to provide a rigorous education for their children, NPA is a thriving learning community and has already established an excellent track record of preparing students for college success. NPA does not have selective entrance requirements; its students gain admission through a lottery which determines a waiting list for available spots. NPA is fully accredited by the Cognia as well as a member of the Arizona Interscholastic Association for athletics.

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Northland Preparatory Academy challenges our community to learn, lead, and grow into compassionate problem-solvers and engaged citizens who will bring joyful curiosity to build an equitable world together.

Mission Statement

Northland Preparatory Academy provides a collaborative, well-rounded education through academics, arts, and athletics, and provides educational opportunities for a successful future, while fostering a diverse and inclusive community.

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Spartan Generosity

From its founding in 1996, NPA has depended on financial support from its community in order to supplement the limited funding provided the State of Arizona. This tradition of giving has allowed NPA to provide a higher quality of education to its students, both inside and outside the classroom.

You can do a tax donation or even conrtibute by using your credit card!

Meet Our


Acker, Melissa (History)

Acker, Melissa (History)

Bio I love students and history, I believe this job is the perfect fit for me. My undergraduate was a dual major of history and geography. My...

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Ahern, Kylie (Strings)

Ahern, Kylie (Strings)

Bio Hi, my name is Ms. Kylie Ahern and I am excited to teach Strings at Northland Preparatory Academy. This will be my fourth year teaching Strings...

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Academic, Operational & Financial Performance

In accordance with transparency regulations established by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools, NPA is happy to provide the following link to the Charter Board’s Academic Performance, Operational Performance, and Financial Performance dashboards. When you arrive at the page, please note that there is a pulldown that allows you to toggle between the different dashboards.

Budgets & Financial Reports


NOTICE OF 7/8/24 PUBLIC HEARING regarding NPA’s proposed FY25 budget:  Budget Adoption Hearing Notification

To view information about NPA’s budget proposal and adoption for the upcoming/current fiscal year, go to:


To view NPA’s budgets:

  • Set Fiscal Year field to desired Fiscal Year
  • Set Document Template Name field to Charter Holder Expenditure Budget
  • Set EdOrg Name/CTDS/EdOrg ID field to Northland Preparatory Academy
  • Click green Update Submission Status Details button
  • Click on the blue link in the Submission Reference # column to download the budget

Or, as a shortcut, type “Northland” into the small search box on the gray bar at the upper right of the table that shows all schools/districts



Please follow the link below to the ADE website to view NPA’s most recent Annual Financial Report. Once there, you may download the report.


To view NPA’s Annual Financial Report:

  • Set Fiscal Year field to desired Fiscal Year
  • Set Document Template Name field to Charter Holders Annual Financial Report
  • Set LEA Type to CharterDistrict
  • Set EdOrg Name/CTDS/EdOrg ID field to 4204-Northland Preparatory Academy
  • Set Charter Sponsor to Charter Board (CSB)
  • Click green Update Submission Status Details button
  • Click on the blue link in the Submission Reference # column to download the report

Northland Prep Academy Form 990 2022 – FY2023

Northland Prep Academy Form 990 2021 – FY2022

Northland Prep Academy Form 990 2020 – FY2021

Northland Preparatory Academy 990 (FY2020)

Northland Preparatory Academy 990 (FY2019)

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