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Spartan Generosity

From its founding in 1996, NPA has depended on financial support from its community in order to supplement the limited funding provided the State of Arizona. This tradition of giving has allowed NPA to provide a higher quality of education to its students, both inside and outside the classroom.

Donations made up the down payment for the gym and fine arts wing addition in 2005. Donations make much of our extracurricular programming possible. Of course, there are always additional needs and areas for improvement, and those often involve costs that go beyond our budgetary capacity.

We are extremely grateful to people like yourself who support NPA and its programs. Your donations benefit current NPA students, who in turn benefit Flagstaff through their contributions to the community as adults.

There are two main types of donations to NPA: Arizona Tax Credit Donations and Unrestricted Donations. For either type, you can choose the method of donation that works best for you.

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NPA Showcase!

NPA Showcase!

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