Steve Danner (Business Manager)

Hello NPA Community Members,

I have been lucky to have been associated with NPA for almost as long as NPA has been in existence.  My first tenure at NPA started in NPA’s second year — I served as the high school social studies teacher from 1997-2003 (yes, the high school social studies teacher, as in there was just one back in the ancient times).  My family moved out east in 2003, but we returned to Flagstaff in 2005, at which point I took on the role of guidance counselor and Program Coordinator.

In 2015, I took on the role of Business Manager.  In this role, I support the Superintendent in organizing and executing the school’s financial affairs and business relationships.  This includes working on budgeting, state reporting, payroll, benefits, strategic planning, fundraising, and a maze of other administrivia in conjunction with the other administrators and staff, all to help the school carry out its mission and maximize what we are able to do with the financial resources available to the school.

I grew up in Boston and am a big Red Sox fan by birth. I am a politics junkie and also enjoy playing tennis, albeit not that well.  I’m not just a proud NPA staff member – I’m also a proud NPA parent, as my wife Joanne and I have been fortunate enough to see both of our children go through NPA (Rachel ’16 and Eric ’19).

Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions.

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