Prentice, Dan (English: Writing 6)

Class meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Class codes for Google Classroom:

1st Hour Writing: cpvlcpv

2nd Hour Writing: 7uy325a

3rd Hour Writing: 74x6njq

4th Hour ILS: dzgqr4q

6th Hour Writing: cad2mwf

7th Hour Writing: 2qbni5x

Zoom link for Writing classes and ILS.

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Please check my Google Classroom pages for updates and information on assignments.

NPA 6th Grade Student Support

  • Social Studies (Acker)
  • Science (Arendt)
  • Reading (Kelly)
  • Writing (Prentice)
  • Math (Peppers)
        • Tutoring available by appointment
        • Tuesday/Friday @ 1
  • Elective & Pre Algebra
        • Please check your teacher’s rollout schedule for their weekly tutoring sessions
  • 6th Grade Community Club
        • Meetings most Fridays at 1pm. Join with Google Classroom with code: k2wkla
  • Middle School Student Council
  • Private counseling appointment with Ms. Wiggins
  • Middle school counseling support group
  • NPA Virtual Calming Room
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Sixth Grade Writing is designed to guide the students through the writing process while supporting coursework from other classes. I will work closely with all the other core class teachers to tailor my writing assignments to their curriculum. We will focus on punctuation, grammar, and formatting while we write expository, argumentative, and narrative text. Expository writing is writing that informs or explains a subject to the reader. Argumentative text argues a position using details and quotes as support. Narrative writing tells stories.


Click here to download the Writing syllabus (PDF)

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