Arendt, Kayla (6th Grade Science)


I am very excited for a great year in 6th grade science! This will be my 3rd year teaching at NPA and I really like the community here. This year, we will be learning science by doing science. Our class will focus on building, revising, and testing scientific models as we learn about life, earth, and physical science. Students will also conduct their own investigations answering questions relating to these topics and construct scientific arguments to support their answers. Throughout the year, we will attempt to design solutions to problems we identify in our community through engineering challenges.

This fall, all course information will be in Google Classroom. Please join your period’s section below. For more information on how to join a class in Google Classroom, check out this resource.

  • 6th grade science class codes:
    • Period 1: ptt4na3
    • Period 2: 6osaahs
    • Period 3: r5ehxnv
    • Period 6: m7mivs4
    • Period 7: mffgz3q
  • ILS (study hall) class code:
    • Period 4: 5wxrerk

I encourage you to contact me with any questions at

See you soon!

Ms. Arendt

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