Acker, Melissa (Social Studies 6)


It is already time for parent- teacher conferences. These are a student led conference, so make sure to sign up for a time slot that your child can attend. You should also only attend your student’s Study Hall teachers conference, in which all five academic areas will be discussed.

please make an appoint with the below link

Looking forward to seeing via zoom soon,

Melissa Acker

Hello and welcome to 6th grade social studies, I’m so excited to meet you and share my love of learning and history with you.

Below is the codes you will need to type into the google classroom, please look at your NPA  schedule to verify your classes.

1st hour 6th grade social studies jjuxwfi

2nd hour 6th grade social studies dgf3ofp

3rd hour 6th grade social studies  tavjz5h

4th hour ILS (study hall) yms5ew2

5th hour is your elective you will need to go to that teachers webpage to get their code.

6th hour  6th grade social studies as5krj2

7th hour 6th grade social studies qy44tmj

Just a reminder Monday & Thursday you will meet  for classes 1-3 and Tuesday & Friday you will have classes 4-7.

Looking forward to seeing you in a zoom meeting soon,

Mrs. Acker

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