Make Payments

Contributions & Donations

NPA is a public school providing a free and appropriate education for all of its students.  Like most other public schools, we do request voluntary donations associated with each student to defray the costs for some school expenses and consumable materials.  These include the costs of maintaining our computer network and technology, some maintenance and custodial services for the building, and consumable supplies and materials for many courses (e.g. lab supplies, e-textbooks, subscriptions, sheet music, etc.).  This support is key in the school carrying out its mission.

Most student donations can now be paid through your Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  Your IC Parent Portal account will keep track of payments, credits, overpayments, and carryover balances.  Please contact Mrs. Jennifer Sommers at or 928-214-8776 if you do not see the amount that you would like to pay.  Please provide her with your:  student name, what contribution you would like to pay, and the total.

This page will be limited to miscellaneous donations, payments, fine arts, club, and sports items, trips, special events, and fundraisers to mention a few-that cannot be made in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, and for those in our community that would not have a parent portal.

Thank you.

Miscellaneous Payments

If you need to make a payment that does not fit neatly with respect to a preset amount on one of the other buttons, the amount is not available to pay in Infinite Campus, or you do not have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal:  please use the Miscellaneous Payments button below and specify the nature of the payment, what student it is for, and what group/club/activity it is for in the description field on the second screen.  Thank you!