The NPA Mountain Bike Team was started in 2013 by Jim Kuhn, head coach and Wendy Kuhn, team director with 4 student athletes – now there are 40+ on the team. NPA was the first school in Flagstaff to have a mountain bike team. They are a member of the Arizona Cycling Association and the season runs from July 1st through the first weekend in November. The season includes 4 races for the entire team and a 5th High School State Championship race. Race venues are all over the state of Arizona, with the NPA students competing in the North Conference. This is the only team at NPA that is Division 1 and includes all grades 6th through 12th, and is co-ed.

In the 2022 season, the team finished 3rd in Division 1 North Conference for the season and podiumed in 5 of the 8 Division I categories at the High School State Championships. In the past ten years, NPA has had 3 Mountain Bike State Champions. This year, we are on track for another excellent season, placing third as a team in Division I North Conference in the first 3 races.

While this team has races and competes, it is not mandatory student athletes race. They are given the choice to ride with the team at practices just for fun or to sign up to race. Practice groups are determined by ability and riding speed, so younger athletes and older athletes ride together and form friendships across grade levels which is not seen on most athletic teams.

With the “practice fields” being trails all over town, it takes a lot of volunteers and parents help to get these athletes (and all their gear) to the trails and riding on the trails. We have 21 coaches this year with 5 riding groups and a strict coach-to-rider ratio for safety – this is essential to the team’s success.

If you would like more information on NPA Mountain Bike Team, please reach out to:
Wendy Kuhn, Team Director:

Race 1 – September 9-10 – Ft. Tuthill, Flagstaff

Race 2 – September 23-24 – Pioneer Park, Prescott

Race 3 – October 7-8 – Secret Trails, Snowflake-Taylor

Race 4 – October 21-22 – Fort McDowell, Fountain Hills

High School State Championships – November 4-5 – Wren Arena, Fort Huachuca