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Contacts: Lorretta Williams, NPA’s health-aide, is the go-to for all clarifications and reporting. Mrs. Williams is extension 108, in room 108, and at


In accordance with the ever-changing guidelines from the CDC and due to HB 2453 and HB 2616, NPA is not quarantining staff/students who have been exposed to COVID-19.  NPA will still send out exposure notifications to inform parents and staff that there was an exposure to COVID-19 and to monitor for symptoms. NPA has rapid antigen test that can be administered in the health room or you can ask for a take-home test kit (Room 108).


NPA cannot mandate mask use, even after an individual has been on isolation/quarantine for 5 days.

Positive Cases

For those students/staff who have tested positive for COVID-19, NPA still requires 5 days of isolation/quarantine and to return on the 6th day.  Symptom onset is day zero.  If there are no symptoms, date of positive test is day zero.

Further Guidance

Please follow this link for all other guidance regarding Covid-19 and action steps.


COVID-19 vaccination status is not a basis for any type of decision regarding quarantine.  Staff are still asked to send symptomatic students to the health room.  NPA will still correspond with Arizona Department of Health and Human Services when there is a COVID-19 case.  As always, we can only recommend that parents get their students tested and encourage parents to share results with NPA.


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