Prentice, Dan (English: Writing 6)

5/22 Update:
Thanks for sharing all your work kids. I have been answering questions and helping people right up to today (5/22), so I will not have grades in until Tuesday at the earliest. Please don’t stress the grades though; work because you know it’s the right thing to do to make you a better, more intelligent person. All I wanted was for all of us to enjoy writing and use our writing to stay connected and reflect. We accomplished that goal, so congratulations.
Important Update: School will now end on May 22nd, which means that I had to change how I will grade “The Last Ten Lessons.” I posted a video on the Google Classroom stream that explains how to get an A and how to be sure your work is shared with me properly. The basic breakdown is that if kids get at least 6 of the lessons complete, then I will award them an A. All missing work should be complete by the 22nd also. Please check Family Link to find out what work is missing.
6-10 complete lessons = A
5 lessons complete = B
4 lessons complete = C
3 lessons complete = D
I am seeing lots of fantastic work being done and shared. Please encourage each other to share, and communicate on the Google Classroom stream. It’s great to see everybody reading and commenting on each other’s work. I hope all is well, but if anyone needs help, then please e-mail or contact me through the Classroom stream.
Hello. We are now working on our “Lat Ten Lessons.” I have not heard from some kids on this, and just wanted to be sure everybody knew what was going on and how to get things done. I am giving the kids ten more lessons that should each take about an hour a piece. There are five weeks left in school including this week, so the idea is that kids will get about two lessons done per week until school finishes. I am trying to make things simple and just have them share one document with me where they can write all the assignments except two of them (I explain all this in a video). The link below leads to a document that has the assignments and a link to a video that explains directions. I hope everybody is doing well and that the kids enjoy some of this work.
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This course is designed to help students grow in their ability to write and to improve their stamina while writing. We will strive to move from simple sentenc


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