Prentice, Dan (English: Writing 6)

10/8 through 10/10:

This week we are getting an introduction/review of Argumentative writing and five paragraph essay structure. As part of this, we will discuss hooks, three-part thesis statements, body paragraphs, and conclusions. The kids will be making an outline for a pretend paper on a topic of their choice. We will begin writing more serious research papers after the long weekend.

10/1 through 10/5:

We took notes on Apostrophe usage during this week and learned about the Elden family as part of our field trip. The videos we watched on apostrophe usage are posted below. All kids took notes on the videos and took practice quizzes. We also reviewed capitalization and had an extra credit opportunity related to retaking the capitalization quiz. If the kids take the quiz online and get at least an 18/22, then I will award three extra credit points.


Videos to watch on Khan:

1) Introduction to the Apostrophe

2) Possession for Words Ending in “S”

3) Advanced (plural) Possession

4) Its vs It’s


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This course is designed to help students grow in their ability to write and to improve their stamina while writing. We will strive to move from simple sentence and paragraph writing to forms like Narrative, Explanatory/Informative, and Argumentative writing. These are the forms of writing that are the focus of the current educational standards. It is my goal to have the students writing on topics relevant to their core courses with support from me. The great majority of all our reading material will come from other core classes and this is why Writing has no reading list.


Click here to download the Writing syllabus (PDF)