Prentice, Dan (English: Writing 6)


As a reminder, you must save your “Agenda” assignment into your folder that you shared with me. If it’s not in there, you will get a 0. All assignments you complete should be in the folder that has your name, Writing, and your period. If you get a low score on anything, you can raise your grade, but you need to tell me to check out the assignment again by sharing with me or talking through the stream.

Agenda due today. Please remember that you must have a folder shared with me that has your name, Writing, and your period on it. The Agenda assignment, and all future assignments including the free write, should be placed in that folder. If they are not there, they will not get a grade. There are two examples of agendas on the stream, and I encourage you to share with each other.

“Student Folder” was due yesterday 3/31. Please check Google Classroom stream for directions.


For the week of 3/30 to 4/3: Share folder or simply rename “Homework Essay” folder, create an agenda on a document and fill in your assignments, and complete a free write on the topic of inventions. 

Each of these assignments is posted on the Classroom stream with directions and details. Please follow directions carefully; each of these assignments is for a grade. 





Hello kids and parents,

As teachers, we are figuring out how to start our online classrooms so that we can get things rolling next week on Monday March 30th. For this class, I plan on using the tools I have trained the kids on for the entire year. All our hard work on the computers should pay off! I will mainly use the Google Classroom stream to communicate and answer questions from kids about assignments. I will also use Google Docs to communicate and comment on work. You guys will also use Docs to communicate with each other, and I’m sincerely hoping that you will have some fun and get rid of a little of your cabin fever.

Please let the school and me know if you can’t access a computer at home. We want to be sure you can participate in classes, and we can loan out computers to kids in need. If you can’t get on a computer at home, then please go to my Google Classroom stream and open the document link I posted. Just write your full name on the document, and we will try to help you out as soon as possible.

The first assignment I have posted is for students to share a folder with me that has their full name, Writing, and their period. For example, “Dan Prentice Writing P3.” Since everyone should have already shared the “Homework Essay” folder with me, students can simply rename that folder. If not, then go into Google Drive, click “My Drive” and “New Folder.” Rename the folder with name, class and period.


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This course is designed to help students grow in their ability to write and to improve their stamina while writing. We will strive to move from simple sentenc


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