Prentice, Dan (English: Writing 6)

Hello 6th grade community,

We are generally preparing for spring testing and having fun writing about topics like travelling through time and space to an era the kids studied in Social Studies. State testing will happen after Spring Break, and we hope all the kids will be well prepared. If you have any questions or concerns, then please write me or check out our Google Classroom page for Writing class.

Google Classroom

We will use Google Classroom at times to turn in work and access lessons. This will be a nice tool to use when we have kids absent for any reason. Google Classroom can help your child stay connected to class through the internet. Below are the classroom codes if your child needs to sign in to my class. This has been completed for almost everyone at this point.

P1: usuv7ph

P2: 45kqaq2

P3: btwjwml

P6: lekjh3r

P7: jmsl52k

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Sixth Grade Writing is designed to guide the students through the writing process while supporting coursework from other classes. I will work closely with all the other core class teachers to tailor my writing assignments to their curriculum. We will focus on punctuation, grammar, and formatting while we write expository, argumentative, and narrative text. Expository writing is writing that informs or explains a subject to the reader. Argumentative text argues a position using details and quotes as support. Narrative writing tells stories.

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