Prentice, Dan (English: Writing 6)

8/8 to 8/10
The first week of class has been fantastic. Thank you kids and parents. We are working on a “Where I’m From” poem and will continue this project into next week. So far, we have looked at and read examples in class and wrote down some notes in a list format with sentence starters that say “I am from.” The only homework (due 8/13) is to bring in an image that represents where the kids are from. This could be a physical picture, a drawing, or an image that is e-mailed to me at

8/13 to 8/17
This week, we are going to continue working on our poems. The kids will learn to log in to their Google Docs accounts on Tuesday. They will have the ability to use these accounts for school in order to type up work and collaborate with each other. They are not given e-mail addresses in the Docs account, though they can use the “share” function to work with me and each other. Poems will be typed or written in class.
Students will be taking some notes on complete sentences and trying out some online exercises on Khan Academy next Monday. Notes can be provided if necessary. You can get a jump on this by reviewing Khan Academy videos. Here is the link to the first video

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This course is designed to help students grow in their ability to write and to improve their stamina while writing. We will strive to move from simple sentence and paragraph writing to forms like Narrative, Explanatory/Informative, and Argumentative writing. These are the forms of writing that are the focus of the current educational standards. It is my goal to have the students writing on topics relevant to their core courses with support from me. The great majority of all our reading material will come from other core classes and this is why Writing has no reading list.


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