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We are currently working hard on writing related to Greek myths. On Friday the 9th, an paragraph was due that related to the story of Atalanta. In this myth, the winner cheats to slow down Atalanta in a foot race. We read the story and then researched some famous examples of cheating in sports. The kids selected an example and wrote their paragraphs on their selection. This week, we have studied the myth of Pandora and her box/jar. We read a version of “Pandora’s Box” and then watched a YouTube reading of another version. The kids are writing a three paragraph essay on which version was more descriptive and detailed. This is due Thursday the 15th. We will have a quiz on capitalization on Friday the 16th. Notes to study are available in my class and I will hand them out everyone on Thursday.

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This course is designed to help students grow in their ability to write and to hopefully help them make the jump from simple sentence and paragraph writing to forms like Narrative, Explanatory/Informative, and Argumentative writing. For example, we will spend a great deal of time learning to cite evidence correctly using MLA formatting. It is my goal to have the students doing their writing from other courses with support from me. The great majority of all our reading material will come from other core classes and this is why Writing has no reading list.


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Hello parents and students. I am able to update the website again and will provide more regular news. We are working on basic paragraph and essay structure this week. The kids have developed topics, found sources, and practiced the SQ3R method while reviewing sources. They did this in table groups of four to five, but the actual writing of the essays will be done individually and in class. We will be working on coming up with a hook and a thesis by Friday (10/20). Editing for Acker's Egypt essays will be happening in my class on Friday so don't forget to bring them. We will also edit for Social Studies on November 2nd. There is an editing checklist that Mrs. Acker and I developed that should be followed as you draft.