Prentice, Dan (English: Writing 6)

2/11 through 2/15

This week, we began on Monday completing a starter on Fragments. We will have more and more of these starters as they are excellent practice for the upcoming AZ Merit testing and they are great review exercises. Tuesday/Wednesday (long periods) we completed our starter on Quotation Marks and finished Lesson 12 in the AZ Merit prep book. This was a long exercise and we will complete the quiz on it as an activity in class Thursday where I tell the kids to take it till they get 100%. Also on Thursday, we are finishing a handout on a poem titled “A Boat.” Students have read the poem twice and analyzed it. They should have notes on the handout. The last piece to this exercise is writing the paragraph on their interpretation of the poem. Directions are on the handout and we will have computers for all the kids to type out the paragraph. Friday will be a pretty relaxed day of free-writing as a reward for all the hard we work we plan on completing this week.

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This course is designed to help students grow in their ability to write and to improve their stamina while writing. We will strive to move from simple sentence and paragraph writing to forms like Narrative, Explanatory/Informative, and Argumentative writing. These are the forms of writing that are the focus of the current educational standards. It is my goal to have the students writing on topics relevant to their core courses with support from me. The great majority of all our reading material will come from other core classes and this is why Writing has no reading list.


Click here to download the Writing syllabus (PDF)