Pratt, Dayne (English: World Lit. 10; Honors World Lit. 10)

Welcome to World Literature (also known as 10th grade English)!

*Please note there is not a summer assignment for Honors World Literature for the 2017-18 school year.

Required Materials for all 2017-18 World Literature classes (honors and regular):

• Three-ring binder to be used only for this class

• 5 dividers for binder

• 2 three-hole-punched notebooks (spiral or glued) to be stored in binder and used only for this class

• Loose-leaf lined paper (wide or college rule)

• A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Solider by Ishmael Beah (needed by March 5)

Useful resources:

Planbook (daily agenda, homework and all attachments) 

Sign up for Remind for World Literature:  (students click here)  (parents click here)

Sign up for Remind for Honors World Literature: (students click here) (parents click here)

Video Tutorial: How to create MLA format using Google Docs

Purdue OWL: Guidelines for citing sources in MLA style

Diigo: Useful online resource for organizing research

MLA template in Microsoft Word (replace ALL CAPS TEXT with your own information)

Absent? Flow Chart

Revision Worksheet and Contract