Pratt, Dayne (English: World Lit. 10; Honors World Lit. 10)

Welcome to World Literature (also known as 10th grade English)!

For the duration of NPA’s online learning period, all assignments and materials will be posted in Google Classroom, which students have been using regularly this school year. Parents who would like to be added as a guardian to receive updates through Google Classroom should email me. Students will also need their copies of A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah (ebooks are fine). Communication is crucial during this period, so please keep in touch through email and/or Remind. 



4th Quarter Grading Notes

All new assignments will be entered as worth zero points. Most of what you see will be in the classwork and participation categories of my gradebook. Please make sure you are opening the full class report from FamilyLink to see the most recent and accurate grades. More details in this document shared with students and parents.

Classwork Grades

  • 1/0 = student earned 100% on assignment
  • 0/0= student turned in work but did not earn 100% yet
  • blank/missing assignment = student has not yet submitted any work for that assignment
  • Students can revise all work to earn 100% (for that 1 extra credit point), but it should be resubmitted before the next week’s work is due.

Participation Grades

  • 1/0 = student completed and turned in all work for the week on time
  • 0/0 = some of the student’s work is missing or was turned in late

Required Materials for all 2020-2021 World Literature classes (honors and regular):

  • Three-ring binder
  • 5 dividers for binder (to be labeled in class)
  • 1 composition book (reader’s journal to store in classroom)
  • Loose-leaf lined paper (wide or college rule)
  • Sticky notes for annotations
  • A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Solider by Ishmael Beah (needed after spring break)

Useful resources:

Sign up for Remind

Remind is a communication that allows me to text students and parents important information about the class.

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