Kelly, Tammy (English: Reading 6)

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Welcome to Sixth Grade Reading! When I was in sixth grade, I received the award for reading the most books! So I am very pleased to be the reading teacher at NPA. I’ve enjoyed teaching in Northern Arizona since 1983. My experience includes teaching elementary-high school, community college and university students. I am also involved in the art community of Flagstaff and enjoy integrating the arts into my lessons. I appreciate establishing a personal relationship with my students and their families. My husband and I enjoy hiking, kayaking, traveling and cooking. We love having our daughter, son-in-law, and grandcat in Flagstaff as well.

B.S. Elementary Education/Special Education, Eastern Michigan University, 1983.

M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction: Reading, Grand Canyon University, 2013.

Endorsements: Gifted, Library Science, Early Childhood, SEI, Reading Specialist

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Course List

moreSixth Grade Language Arts: Reading (All periods 1-6)


Sixth Grade Reading (Periods 1-5) 



Students are provided with periodic informal reading assessments to determine individual reading fluency and comprehension levels. Instruction will cover the components of a balanced reading program. Informational text, novels, biographies, reader’s theatre, and poetry will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and analytical reading. Literature studies, written expression, oral speaking and arts appreciation are integrated to broaden reading experiences. Some of the selected reading correlates with the 6th grade social studies program. The teaching of Common Core Standards is required in all lessons. A variety of approaches and multiple efforts are made to engage all learners.

Week of August 13th

This week we are beginning the book, Wonder. As an alternative, some students haven chosen to read Auggie and Me by the same author. A few students will read from a list of independent books on the topic of empathy. All handouts will correlate with the book, Wonder. Also, each week we read informational text articles related to topics of study. Students have the option of reading independently, with a buddy or listening to the book.  Family Link is up and running so parents and students have access to grades and missing assignments.

Reading Journal-Due Thursday-Make a list of 5 of Auggie’s concerns. Cite page numbers from the text.

Due Friday-Write four sentences describing Auggie’s relationship with his family. Use examples from the text to demonstrate understanding.

Vocab: syllabus, genre, antonym, synonym, setting, realistic fiction, cite textual evidence, character analysis, empathy, compassion

Informational Text-On Friday, we will read an article, “Cool to be Kind” on the topic of bullying. We will discuss strategies for reading informational text. All students are encouraged to participate in discussions.



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Week of August 6th

Welcome to 6th grade!  It’s always a blessing  to greet new, attentive faces!  Be sure to look at the site each week for a posting of assignments. Parents and students can feel free to email me anytime.  All students will participate in a vocabulary and 1:1 reading fluency assessment. Students needing extra assistance in reading are encouraged to attend the afterschool DEAR time on Tuesdays from 3:15-4:15. Have a wonderful 2018-2019 school year!






2017-2018 6th Grade Supply List

Please see the attached list. Thank you and I look forward to meeting all the new sixers in August. 6thXgradeXsuppliesX2017-2018




Click here to download the Sixth Grade Language Arts: Reading (All periods 1-6) syllabus (PDF)