Kelly, Tammy (English: Reading 6)

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Welcome to Sixth Grade Reading! When I was in sixth grade, I received the award for reading the most books! So I am very pleased to be the reading teacher at NPA. I’ve enjoyed teaching in Northern Arizona since 1983. My experience includes teaching elementary-high school, community college and university students. I am also involved in the art community of Flagstaff and enjoy integrating the arts into my lessons. I appreciate establishing a personal relationship with my students and their families. My husband and I enjoy hiking, kayaking, traveling and cooking. We love having our daughter, son-in-law, and grandcat in Flagstaff as well.

B.S. Elementary Education/Special Education, Eastern Michigan University, 1983.

M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction: Reading, Grand Canyon University, 2013.

Endorsements: Gifted, Library Science, Early Childhood, SEI, Reading Specialist

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Course List

moreSixth Grade Language Arts: Reading (All periods 1-6)


Sixth Grade Reading (Periods 1-5) 



Students are provided with periodic informal reading assessments to determine individual reading fluency and comprehension levels. Instruction will cover the components of a balanced reading program. Informational text, novels, biographies, reader’s theatre, and poetry will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and analytical reading. Literature studies, written expression, oral speaking and arts appreciation are integrated to broaden reading experiences. Some of the selected reading correlates with the 6th grade social studies program. The teaching of Common Core Standards is required in all lessons. A variety of approaches and multiple efforts are made to engage all learners.

School Year 2018-2019

Please see the attached list of materials for each student to provide during the first week of school. 6thXgradeXsuppliesXXnewXXXKaylaXArendtX

The following list of titles are books we will read in class.  We typically have 35 copies to share in class.  If students need additional time to complete the reading, it  is very helpful for them to have their own copies to read at home. BookXListXforXHome

Fall Reading-

Wonder by R.J. Palacio (hardcover)

Cleopatra VII Daughter of the Nile by Kristina Gregory or Maia of Thebes by Ann Turner

Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan

Spring Reading-

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (orange cover) by Mildred Taylor

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine Engle (black cover)

Self-selected biography/autobiography

Crispin: the Cross of Lead by Avi or Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen Cushman





Week of May 27th

All students should bring their invention convention display boards and props to school on Friday.  Invention Convention will take place in the gym from 10 a.m.-11:00 a.m. Awards will taker place 11:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. School will be dismissed at 11:30 a.m.  Happy Summer!

Week of May 20th  Evaluate your teacher.  Take the survey! 


Week of May 13th

Invention Convention Display Boards and Models are due on Tuesday, May 14th.  Students will be presenting to their peers.

European Lit. Studies

Students are working in groups to read Catherine Called Birdy or Crispin: The Cross of Lead. Students take on various roles to enhance comprehension: discussion leader, recorder and word watcher.

Students are enjoying the group work and are intrigued with European lives in the 13th-14th century. It is delightful to take a step back and see them taking on leadership roles as they teach each other.

Week of April 29th

Rough Draft Bio Poems Due Last Week BioXPoemXXRubric BioXPoem

Final Draft Bio Poems Due on Presentation Day-Thursday, May 2nd Friday, May 3rd  or Monday, May 6th

Dress up as Character-On day of Presentation

Rough Draft Conclusion Paragraphs Due Tuesday, April 30th or Wednesday, May 1st

Final Draft Conclusion Paragraphs Due Thursday, May 1st or Friday, May 2nd

Reading Logs Due May 3rd

Upcoming Due Dates:

Invention Convention Final Drafts Due Thursday, May 9th

Invention Convention Display Board & Model Due Tuesday, May 13th



Week of April 15th

Students have self-selected biographies to read and research. BioXResearchXXXMLAXReferences In a couple of weeks, they will be dressing up in character and presenting a biographical poem to the class. Reading Logs are due May 3rd. ReadingXLog-Biography  We are reading Bethany Hamilton’s Soul Surfer in class.

Week of March 25th

Students will begin their Invention Convention projects in social studies. Students, please use the library databases for your research. DatabaseXResearch Keep in mind that you should be using credible sources first. ResearchXDATABASE  

Teachers are available to assist with the Invention Convention project on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.

This week we will be reading Chapters 4-6 of A Wrinkle in Time. They certainly are enjoying this fantasy novel. We will continue learning new vocabulary and literary terms: alliteration, idiom, onomatopoeia, and allusion. We will also be completing Practice Test 1 to prepare for the AZ Merit. Fantasy Reading Logs are due March 29th. ReadingXLog-Fantasy

Week of March 11th

Sixth graders love fantasy!  We are reading  a longtime favorite, A Wrinkle in Time. It is super helpful if students are able to provide their own book copy. Fantasy Reading Logs are due on Friday, March 29th and students may self-select various fantasies. ReadingXLog-Fantasy  We will be covering various aspects of figurative language and literary terms: illusion, protagonist, foreshadowing, flashback, simile, personification, mood, idiom, alliteration, imagery, point of view, onomatopoeia, and metaphor. LiteraryXWorksheet  Students will be exposed to new vocabulary with each chapter. AXWrinkleXinXTimeXVocabulary

Have a wonderful spring break!!


Week of March 4th

We are working on Greek Plays. Students are working on props, memorizing lines or directing the plays.  It’s a great time for them to work together and direct themselves. Our little skits will be performed on Wednesday so students should bring their props and costumes by Tuesday. On Thursday and Friday we will work on Lesson 5 of the AZ Merit. Next week we will begin our Fantasy Unit and reading of A Wrinkle in Time. We have 30 copies for 103 students, so it will be super helpful if students can provide their own copy.  If purchasing, please choose the version with the black cover so page numbers will correlate with the handouts.

Weeks of Feb 11th-28th

We finished the Roll of Thunder Unit. Students remained engaged and did very well on the final test which included vocabulary and comprehension questions. Students also did very well understanding the characterization. They were also able to engage in tough topics such as discrimination and racism. Even though we had 7 weeks for this unit, only about 50% of the students completed the reading. We need to do better next time. We finished off the unit with independent projects and students did very well demonstrating their understanding in a creative way.

Week of February 4th

Students will be introduced to the end-of-unit project. They will have a menu of choices and will present their projects the week of Feb. 19th. Students will have a limited amount of time in the classroom so they should plan to dedicate time to their project at home and learn to use their time wisely. RollXofXThunderXProjectX2018

There aren’t any more reading logs due for this unit.

Assignments Due this Week:

Thursday, February 7th-Figurative Language Handout

Week of January 28th

This week we are focusing on our historical fiction book, Roll of Thunder.  Students should have Chapters 4-5 read by Friday or take the book home on the weekend. On Tuesday and Wednesday we will read informational text articles from the Upfront Magazine on the topics of racial and gender discrimination. On Thursday we will review the events that took place in the beginning of the book and write a summary paragraph.

Assignments Due:

Thursday: Logan Family Character Chart CharacterXChart-LoganXFamily

Friday: Coretta Scott King or African American History-Reading Log


Week of January 14th

We are beginning our African-American Literature unit with the book, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. Students need to bring an item in to represent the African-American culture as we design a historical timeline for the past 300 years.  This will help us build background information as we read about the Logan family who lived in Mississippi in the 1930s. Students should self-select a Coretta Scott King Award book for their reading log which is due on Friday, January 25th. CorettaXScottXKingXAwardXBooks ReadingXLog-CorettaXScottXKing We are reviewing literary terms such as setting, author’s purpose, and reader’s purpose.  We will begin completing the story elements. RollXofXThunderXStoryXElementsXpgX1 RollXofXThunderXStoryXElementsXpgX2

Homework Wed: Define “race”.

Homework Thurs: Define “exasperation”, “loitering”, “tormentor”

Homework Due Friday, January 25th:  Coretta Scott King reading log

Week of January 7th

Students read a New Years Eve poem and set goals for the new semester. We spent three days reviewing literary elements in the AZ Merit study book. Students worked in groups to design posters to review literary terms.

December 10th

The last Newbery reading log is due Friday, Nov. 14th. We will finish Homeless Bird this week. Students need to be preparing for the final exam by studying for the vocabulary portion.  Quizlet is a great alternative to traditional flashcards. Also, on Wed. this week we will do a model lesson to prepare for the written portion of the exam. 1stXSemesterXFinalXExam-WrittenXPractice

The NPA middle school is participating in a coin drive for Flagstaff Food Center.  Please help out by sending in your coins by Dec. 14th.  Also, the 6th Grade Reading Class is participating in a book drive for the Hope Pregnancy Center. Please send in gently used baby board books and picture books throughout the month of December.

Fall Exam Schedule
Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Period 1                8:15 – 9:45:

Break                     9:45-10:00

Period 2               10:00 – 11:30

Lunch                    11:30-12:00

Period 3                12:00 – 1:30

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Period 4                8:15 – 9:45

Break                     9:45-10:00

Period 5                10:00 – 11:30

Make-Ups            12:00 – 1:30


Friday, December 21, 2018

Period 6                8:15 – 9:45

Break                    9:45-10:00

Period 7                10:00 – 11:30

Make-Ups            12:00 – 1:30


Week of Dec 3rd

We are continuing to read Homeless Bird and listen to the book on audio. Another Newbery reading log is due on Friday, December 7th. ReadingXLog-NewberyXAward

Students should begin studying vocabulary for the final exams which will take place Dec. 18-20. FinalXExamXPrep-1stXSemesterXLiteraryXTerms

Week of Nov 26th

We are enjoying the reading of Homeless Bird. Students are exposed to Hindi vocabulary and culture. HomelessXBirdXVocabulary The Newbery reading log is due on Friday, Nov. 30th. ReadingXLog-NewberyXAward

Week of Nov 2nd

Group work continues to go very well.  Students have done an excellent job learning how to work together in literature circles. On Mon., our NAU practicum student will play a vocab game with us. On Wed., we will have our guest librarian, Claudine Taillac. She will teach us how to use credible sites for researching databases. Students should be studying for the Egypt Vocab Test scheduled for Thurs. The study guide matching  sheet is due on Thursday, Nov. 6th. EgyptianXVocabXStudyX2018XPgX1 EgyptianXVocabXStudyXPgX2X2018

On Friday we will complete the written portion of our unit test.

Week of Oct 29th

Students are switching roles in their groups as they read Maia of Thebes or Cleopatra VII. This week students will define more Egyptian vocabulary. Homework is due on  Thursday. EgyptXVocabXHandoutX2 Students will begin the story map of characters and setting for their book and complete a summary of the beginning of their book. CleopatraXVIIXStoryXElementsXPageX1 MaiaXofXThebesXStoryXElementsXpgX1 MaiaXXXCleopatraXStoryXElementsXPgX2 On Thursday, students will learn about various points of view and complete the handout. PointXofXViewXLessonXHandout On Friday, students will learn about author’s purpose: P.I.E. (Persuade, Inform, and Entertain).

Week of October 22nd

Students are reading Maia of Thebes or Cleopatra VII. Group work is going exceptionally well. I am very pleased with how students are leading and participating in the group. This week, students will define Egyptian vocabulary.  Homework is due on Thursday. EgyptXVocabXHandout Students will read informational text on Wednesday. On Friday, students will locate examples of figurative language in the literature. FigurativeXLanguageXHandout-Egypt

Mrs. Kelly leads a Craft Club on some Fun Fridays. The first project will be a collage journal. The cost is $1 and that covers about 3 sessions of crafting. Students need to bring one of their composition books. Also, if families have any of these supplies, please send them in: waxed paper, scrapbook paper, letters & sayings, sponge brushes, embellishments, bling, recycled greeting cards and washi tape. Thanks so much!  It will be so much fun!

Week of October 15th

On Monday, we will finish up with the Wonder presentations. Students will read an informational text article with a partner. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will introduce and define text features to further research skills. TextXFeaturesXIndivXUse On Thursday and Friday, students will begin working in literature circles to read Maia of Thebes or Cleopatra VII.  Mrs. Kelly will allow students to take on roles such as discussion leader, word watcher and recorder. Reading Log due on Friday. Read literature or informational text on the topic of Egypt. ReadingXLog-Egypt Students should begin to familiarize themselves with Egyptian terms. EgyptianXVocabXStudyX2017

PARENTS:  We are missing copies of the following book titles.  Please check lockers or at home.  Thank you!

Auggie & Me


Out of My Mind

Pictures of Hollis Woods


Week of October 8th

It will be wonderful to meet and conference with all parents afterschool on Monday-Wednesday this week.  Students will have shortened periods and they will be presenting their Wonder projects!

Week of October 1st

It was an amazingly, creative week.  Historian, John Westerlund presented on the history of the Elden Family. Catherine SIckafoose, watercolorist, provided art lessons to all 103 sixth graders. Each student was able to complete an Autumn in Flagstaff piece. Students were provided with a long period to participate in an Arizona history project!

Week of September 24th

Due Tuesday-Vocab Match Handout   WonderXVocabXStudyXGuide

Use the optional vocabulary cards to help you study! LiteraryXTermsXMatchingXGame  WonderXVocabXGameXCards

Thursday-Vocabulary Test

Thursday/Friday-Writing Portion of the End-of-Unit Wonder Test (No need to study-however, you will be using your notes and open book.

Be sure to study for the vocab test. Please finish reading the book, Wonder, by Friday.

Please send in $3 for the guest artist experience we will have on Oct. 2nd/3rd to correlate with our field trip to Mt. Elden.



Week of September 17th

Due Thursday-Character Analysis


Due Friday-Complete the reading of Part 5 & 6 of Wonder.

On Monday, students work with a partner on the F.A.S.T. handout for any character they choose to analyze (accept Auggie). Wonder-CharacterXAnalysisXAugust

On Tuesday/Wednesday, we will read an informational text article about Kyle Maynard. Students are using the strategies to read info. text: read, reread, highlight, & annotate. KyleXMaynard-MindXOverXMattersXquestions

On Thursday, we will define personification and locate an example in the text (pg. 201).

Students will be introduced to their culmination project and have a menu of options to choose from: develop a character pennant, draw a series of 4 illustrations, analyze a song, write your own precept, read another book on the topic. WonderXProject  WonderXProjectXRubric

On Friday, we will discuss precepts in the book, Wonder.

Week of September 10th

Due Friday– Reading Log ReadingXLogXwithXmoreXcomments

Due Friday-Finish the reading of Part 4 in the book, Wonder

This week we will continue examining figurative language in Wonder. FigurativeXLanguageXHandoutX2-Wonder We will explore the topic of theme and discuss pages 161-173. On Wed., our NAU intern will provide a lesson on vocabulary: retrospect, inclusion, stringent, virtues, hypocrite. On Thursday, we will write a paragraph describing the events in the middle of the Wonder book. On Friday, students will respond to discussion questions about Auggie’s concerns (pgs 211-213). Many students have finished Wonder and are reading alternative books on  the same theme!

Week of September 4th

We try to read an informational text article each week. We are learning strategies such as reread, highlight and annotate. This week we are reading an article entitled “Understanding Learning Disabilities”. Students are exposed to this common learning difficulty.  They also participate in a multiple intelligence online survey to determine their own personal strengths. We continue to read the book, Wonder. On Friday, we will write a summary describing the beginning of the book.

Homework for Tuesday/Wednesday-Write a paragraph (4-6 sentences) describing how to help someone with a learning disability. Use 3 examples from the text and your own ideas.

Week of August 27th

We are reading Part 2 Via of Wonder. Reading logs are due on Friday, August 31st. ReadingXLogXwithXmoreXcommentsThe Character Analysis of Auggie is due on Thursday. We are learning about figurative language, imagery, similes, and figures of speech. FigurativeXLanguageXHandout-Wonder  Students are encouraged to share about their personal experiences with expressing empathy and compassion.

Week of August 20th

We are continuing to read the book, Wonder. I have a limited amount of 10 extra copies of the book, so if students want to use it in the evening, they may consider getting their own copy.  All students are able to use the books during study hall.

Homework Due Thursday, Sept. 24th-Complete one example from each section of the F.A.S.T. handout. Complete the reading of Section One of the book, Wonder. Wonder-CharacterXAnalysisXAugust

Homework Due Friday, Sept. 31st-Submit the reading log. Students may choose from a book on the topic of empathy or another book of their choice. ReadingXLogXwithXmoreXcomments

On Tues/Wed, we are reading an article and viewing some documentary video clips on an overcomer from Ghana, Emmanuel Ofos Yeboah. We will role model our vocab words “empathy” and “empathetic”. EmpathyXVideoXClipsXandXResources

On Wednesday, we have an all-school ice cream social at Fox Glen Park. Ice cream and games will be provided at no charge from 2 p.m.-3:15 p.m. .  Parents, you may pick up your child at school and transport them to the park.  As an alternative, the sixth graders may walk with a teacher to the park. Parents should pick up their child at the park at 3:15 p.m.

On Thursday, we will continue with the Character Analysis F.A.S.T handout. On Friday, we will participate in a modeled writing lesson about the character’s relationship with his family.

Week of August 13th

This week we are beginning the book, Wonder. As an alternative, some students haven chosen to read Auggie and Me by the same author. A few students will read from a list of independent books on the topic of empathy. All handouts will correlate with the book, Wonder. Also, each week we read informational text articles related to topics of study. Students have the option of reading independently, with a buddy or listening to the book.  Family Link is up and running so parents and students have access to grades and missing assignments.

Reading Journal-Due Thursday-Make a list of 5 of Auggie’s concerns. Cite page numbers from the text.

Due Friday-Write four sentences describing Auggie’s relationship with his family. Use examples from the text to demonstrate understanding.

Vocab: syllabus, genre, antonym, synonym, setting, realistic fiction, cite textual evidence, character analysis, empathy, compassion

Informational Text-On Friday, we will read an article, “Cool to be Kind” on the topic of bullying. We will discuss strategies for reading informational text. All students are encouraged to participate in discussions.



WonderXStoryXElements   WonderXStoryXElementsXPgX2




Week of August 6th

Welcome to 6th grade!  It’s always a blessing  to greet new, attentive faces!  Be sure to look at the site each week for a posting of assignments. Parents and students can feel free to email me anytime.  All students will participate in a vocabulary and 1:1 reading fluency assessment. Students needing extra assistance in reading are encouraged to attend the afterschool DEAR time on Tuesdays from 3:15-4:15. Have a wonderful 2018-2019 school year!






2017-2018 6th Grade Supply List

Please see the attached list. Thank you and I look forward to meeting all the new sixers in August. 6thXgradeXsuppliesX2017-2018




Click here to download the Sixth Grade Language Arts: Reading (All periods 1-6) syllabus (PDF)