Kelly, Tammy (English: Reading 6)

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Welcome to Sixth Grade Reading! When I was in sixth grade, I received the award for reading the most books! So I am very pleased to be the reading teacher at NPA. I’ve enjoyed teaching in Northern Arizona since 1983. My experience includes teaching elementary-high school, community college and university students. I am also involved in the art community of Flagstaff and enjoy integrating the arts into my lessons. I appreciate establishing a personal relationship with my students and their families. My husband and I enjoy hiking, kayaking, traveling and cooking. We love having our daughter, son-in-law, and grandcat in Flagstaff as well.

B.S. Elementary Education/Special Education, Eastern Michigan University, 1983.

M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction: Reading, Grand Canyon University, 2013.

Endorsements: Gifted, Library Science, Early Childhood, SEI, Reading Specialist

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Course List

moreSixth Grade Language Arts: Reading (All periods 1-6)


Sixth Grade Reading (Periods 1-5) 



Students are provided with periodic informal reading assessments to determine individual reading fluency and comprehension levels. Instruction will cover the components of a balanced reading program. Informational text, novels, biographies, reader’s theatre, and poetry will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and analytical reading. Literature studies, written expression, oral speaking and arts appreciation are integrated to broaden reading experiences. Some of the selected reading correlates with the 6th grade social studies program. The teaching of Common Core Standards is required in all lessons. A variety of approaches and multiple efforts are made to engage all learners.



Week of May 21-June 1st

Students showed off their Invention Convention presentations. The models were fantastic! Students are finishing up their European Literature studies. We will have some fun making bookmarks with a variety of art techniques.

Parents are in invited to the Invention Convention on Friday, June 1st. Displays will be set up in the gym, beginning at 8:15 a.m. Sixth grades awards will follow.  Following the awards, parents are welcome to take their children

It has been a wonderful year.  I sincerely appreciate the supportive NPA parents. The students are a joy to teach! Thank you for such a great teaching experience!


Week of May 14th

Students are expected to complete course evaluations.  Please visit this site.

Final draft concluding paragraphs are due for the Invention Essays on Tuesday, May 15th. Final draft Invention Essays are Due Thursday, May 17th. Computers have been available in the classrooms to complete these assignments.

We will continue reading our European Lit. books.

Friday is a day of fun, assemblies and yearbooks!  Students can bring a simple notebook to get signatures from friends.

Week of May 7th

Our students have worked so hard and I am proud of them.  This week we are beginning our European Lit. groups. Also, the last day for Innovation posters and reading logs will be Wed., May 9th. At the end of the week, students will receive instruction on how to write their concluding Invention paragraphs. We will begin working on final drafts for our Invention Convention research papers and final presentations. Sadly, we will say goodbye to our excellent student teacher, Ms. Kuyper. Root beer floats will be provided for $1.00 on Tuesday during lunchtime.

Week of April 23rd

No assignments are due this week, but we do encourage students to get a head start on all reading assignments that will be due May 3rd/4th.

This week, students are diving deeper into their Invention/Convention projects by reading an example of an innovator named Louis Braille. Students will read the article, look for examples of innovation, and use one word to describe Louis Braille with supporting evidence. Students will also define irony.

Students have already started their rough drafts for their Innovation posters. The final drafts are due May 3rd/4th. Posters will effectively depict a creative idea about innovation. The Innovation Reading Logs are due May 3rd/4th. Students are required to read about an innovator for 50 minutes. InnovatorXReadingXLogXSideX1 InnovatorXReadingXLogXSideX2

Enjoy your long weekend, Spartans!

A side note, Mrs. Kelly is missing several books. She is missing Runny Babbit which is a library book, 11 copies of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry; 8 copies of A Wrinkle in Time, and 5 copies of Homeless Bird. If any of these books are at your house, please have your students return them, If these books are not returned, then the school will have to pay for the replacement costs.

Week of April 9th

Sixers exhibited amazing stamina during the AZMerit assessments!!  Way to go!!

All make-up AZ Merit Tests will be administered this week, so if your student was absent during testing last week, make sure they are at school to make them up.

This week we are completing our research for our Biography Projects. Each day, students are required to bring their Biography book to class for points. Their Biography Reading Log is due on Friday ReadingXLog-Biography April 13th. Students are required to read a biography or biographies for 100 minutes. If students finish one book and still have some time left over, then they can choose a different biography book to read.

Rough Drafts of the Biography Poem will also be due Friday April 13th. Students will present their final draft of their poems for their projects next week. BioXPoem BioXPoemXXRubric Students will use the research on their Biography Research Handout to complete the biopoem. It is recommended that students begin looking for their costumes for their presentations April 17-19.

Biography Research Sheets are due Thursday April 12th. Students will have time during class this week to complete these research sheets. One the front, students are filling out information on the people they are researching, and on the back they are citing their sources. BioXResearchXXXMLAXReferences

On Tuesday and Wednesday, students will review how to cite their sources and create a Works Cited page using the OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab. There was also a listening and writing guide to help students navigate through the website. OwlXPurdueXWritingXLab HowXtoXCiteXYourXSources They will need to use these resources for both their Biography Research Project and their upcoming Invention/Convention paper.

We also have the field trip to Harkin’s Movie Theater this Wednesday April 11th. Unfortunately, the movie A Wrinkle In Time is no longer in theaters, so now we are watching Miracle Season. The movie is about how a volleyball team deals with the loss of one of their own and continue to pursue the championship victory. If you would like to see reviews, you can look on the Harkin’s Theaters website. Parents, be sure to pick up your child prior to 1:30 p.m.

If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Kelly.

Have a great week!

Week of April 2nd

Parents—–please help out by looking around your home for the following book copies!  We are missing books from our classroom library.

Runny Babbit—Public Library Book

Roll of Thunder-need 10 copies

A Wrinkle in Time-8 copies

Homeless Bird-5 copies

The bio on Madeleine L’Engle is due Thursday, April 5th.   Students should be reading from their self-selected autobiographies and reading logs are due April 13th.

Students should do their best on the upcoming AzMerit Assessments!  You have been prepared so go to bed early, get a healthy breakfast and put forth 100%!

Week of March 26th

The Wrinkle in Time Worldbuilding  and Literary Terms worksheets are due Thursday, March 29th. Students should be finished with the book. We are participating in an AZMerit practice test. This week, we are starting a new biography unit.  We are completing biographical research on author, Madeleine L’Engle and surfer, Bethany Hamilton.  Students will self-select another biographical character to research independently. Biography reading logs are due Friday, April 13th. Students should bring a biography to class or choose one from the class library. Students will dress up as their biographical character on April 18-19.

Week of March 12th

Another Fantasy Reading Log is due Friday (3/16). The Character Handout is due Thursday (3/15) and the Vocabulary Handout is due Friday (3/16). Also, if any students were absent during the week of March 5th and did not get the notes, Ms. Kuyper has included them in the link below. The notes were to help get the students started on the Worldbuilding and Character Handout.

If your student is going to be absent anytime next week, have them work on the handouts and turn them in early. All Handouts for A Wrinkle in Time 

Have a great Spring Break!!!

Week of March 5th

The Fantasy Reading Log is due Friday, March 9th. Students are working on a character analysis for A Wrinkle in Time. They will also have a worldbuilding (setting) handout and a vocab.handout.

Week of Feb. 26th

We have our final Poetry Test and Poetry Presentations this week. We will also start our Fantasy Unit on Thursday. Any student who was absent on the days of the test and presentations will have to make them up during study hall.

On Monday, we have our final poetry test. Students will apply their knowledge of poetry terms to the test itself. They also turned in their completed Poetry Graphic Organizers. Poetry Graphic Organizer

Tuesday and Wednesday, students will present their final poetry presentations for a grade. Individual Poetry Presentations After the presentations are finished, we create a Found Poem or have opportunities to view Poetry Out Loud video clips.

On Thursday, students will be introduced to the Fantasy genre and the book A Wrinkle in Time.

Week of Feb. 20th

Our student teacher, Ms. Kuyper is teaching the poetry unit.

Poetry reading logs are due Friday, Feb. 23rd. Reading Log-Poetry Rough Drafts for Poetry Presentation are due Thursday. The final presentations are due Tues.-Wed., Feb. 27th-28th. Individual Poetry Presentations

This week, we will review for our poetry test next Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday, we went through Lesson 2: Poetry in our AZ Merit Language Arts Books. During this lesson, students are asked to read two poems and answer a variety of comprehension questions. These  included multiple choice and short answer questions. This lesson is pertinent for AZ Merit Test Prep as well as review for the test on Monday. On Thursday, we will review all of the poetry terms we have discussed during a Jeopardy game. Welcome to Jeopardy! This slideshow is really helpful to review poetry terms for the test. After Jeopardy, we will complete a poetry worksheet as a class. This is an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge of poetry by identifying the terms we just learned from a poem, “Rain in the Summer.” Let’s Practice Poetry! Students were asked to identify different figurative language devices, sound devices, theme, point of view, and the type of poem it is. Students were allowed to use notes during this worksheet, but not during the game.

Friday will be the last day of review before the test. Students will work with a partner to complete a worksheet on sound devices in poetry. The students will be asked to identify tone, rhythm, meter, repetition, and alliteration in the poems by Shel Silverstein, “The Toy Eater” and “The Voice.” Shel Silverstein Poetry Worksheet

I encourage students to use these worksheets as tools for studying, including their graphic organizer with all of the definitions of the terms. Poetry Graphic Organizer I also encourage them to use the worksheets we went over in class. The Jeopardy slideshow will also be really helpful to test their knowledge and ability to recall the terms they just learned.

For this weekend, students should concentrate on completing their final draft Poetry Presentations and studying for their test.

Week of Feb. 12th

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Our study hall will have a lovely time with snacks on Wednesday. This week, we are letting loose with Greek myths and plays.  Students are split into two groups.  Student directors lead their casts and everyone develops a sense of working together.  Our informal skits will be produced on Friday. Big surprise from Mrs. Kelly and Ms. Kuyper—-no homework this week!  Spend your time working on your costume.  Also, please look for a book of poetry because you will have a reading log due on Friday, Feb. 23rd.  Next week, we will have a poetry unit with Ms. Kuyper, which will surely inspire all of us.

Week of Feb. 5th

Students participated in taking reading assessments during the 90 min. periods. The first test was on Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry  and literary terms vocabulary. Students did extraordinary on this teacher-generated assessment.  The second test was an AzMerit comprehension assessment and this proved to be much more challenging. Any students who scored 69% or lower have been asked to attend the Tuesday after-school DEAR program so they can learn how to write better responses. All students presented their independent projects which included: southern recipes, book report, slave songs, illustration and character analysis or a letter from a main character. Although these assessments and projects require careful scrutiny and evaluation, each piece is examined to determine student growth and the need for reteaching. All in all, it was wonderful to see how much students took away from this unit which focused on tough topics, such as racism and segrgation. We truly have whole and beautiful youth here at NPA. As one of our students stated, “There is never an opposing team, because in life, we are all teammates”. Blake A. Ralston, age 11.

Week of Jan. 22

Students are participating in a poetry lesson with our student teacher, Ms. Kuyper.  They will read a poem by an African-American poet, Langston Hughes and learn about rhythm and beat in poetry. For homework, illustrate a picture of the poem, “Dreams”. During the long periods, students will work in groups to make literary posters.  On Thursday, we will read an article on the topic of life in the south during the 1930s. On Friday, we will cover imagery and personification. We need to complete Chapters 5-6 of Roll of Thunder by Friday or take it home on the weekend. A reading log Reading Log-Coretta Scott King of a Coretta Scott King book or Roll of Thunder home reading is due on Friday, Jan. 26th. Students will be introduced to the Roll of Thunder Independent project which will be due on Thurs-Fri, Feb. 9th. Roll of Thunder Project 2018

Week of Jan. 16th

We are learning poetry terms and exploring a poem about Martin Luther King, Jr. Poetry Terms Final We compared the “I Have a Dream” speech to the poem. This week we are exploring figurative language in our book, Roll of Thunder. Foreshadowing Roll Of Thunder Figurative Language Handout-Roll of Thunder. Students need to finish reading CH 3 and 4 of Roll of Thunder by Friday or take it home on the weekend. Reading logs of award-winning Coretta Scott King books are due on Friday, January 19th and again on Friday., January 16th. Mrs. Kelly would appreciate donations of Bookman’s credit to continue building the classroom library.

Week of Jan. 7th

Students will learn about the Coretta Scott King Award.  Reading logs of a Coretta Scott King Award winning book are due on Friday, Jan. 19th. Reading Log-Coretta Scott King Plan ahead and order a book, check one out from the public library or purchase one from Bookman’s. We are beginning our historical fiction book, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor. As students come to understand the deep south during the 1930s they will develop a better understanding of African-American history. This week we will cover author’s purpose, reader’s purpose, dialect, setting, plot and characterization. We will also read non-fiction articles on the topic of discrimination and discussion inequality.

Week of Jan. 2

Students set new academic and personal goals for 2018! Goal sheets were due on Wed., Jan. 3rd. Goals 2018 As we approach on new unit on African-American culture, each student needs to bring in an item to share by Wed., Jan. 10th. We are using the items to make a timeline to better understand African-American history. We read an article on the topic of immigration and discussed discrimination.

Our new NAU student teacher is Madison Kuyper. Please welcome her to NPA.

Hello, my name is Madison Kuyper and I am the Student Teacher this semester. I am a senior at Northern Arizona University (NAU) and will graduate with Honors in May with a degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English and a certificate in Creative Writing. I look forward to teaching your students this semester.

Week of Dec. 11th

Mrs. Kelly is available on Tuesday afternoon from 3:15-4:30 to help students catch up and/or study for the exam.

Due Dates:

Mon., Dec. 11th Homeless Bird Vocab

Tues, Dec. 12th India Pkt.

Wed., Dec. 13th Matching Vocab Study Sheet

On Wed. and Thurs., students will participate in a reading exam which covers all of the literary terms we have learned so far this year.  In addition, there is a written portion of the exam with a writing prompt. The format will be letter writing. On Friday, Dec. 15th, we will celebrate with a field trip to Starlite Lanes.  Please submit $6.00 and the permission slip in advance. It’s been an awesome semester with so much learning, sharing, and gratitude. NPA sixers are truly amazing! Have wonderful holidays with families and friends. Come back in 2018 ready to learn and read Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

Week of Dec. 4th

Mrs. Kelly is available on Tuesday afternoon from 3:15-4:30 to help students catch up and/or study for the exam.

Due Dates:

Tuesday, Dec. 5th Figurative Language Sheet

Thurs., Dec. 7th Final Draft Letter from Koly

Friday, Dec. 8th Reading Log

We will be finishing the book, Homeless Bird. The students have enjoyed our cultural unit on India. We will review literary terms to prepare for the final exam. Final Exam-1st Semester Literary TermsStudents will receive a modeled lesson on how to write a letter. We will cover the basics of a plot map. The Newbery Award Reading Log is due Friday, Dec. 8th.

Week of Nov. 26th

Our field trip to the movie, Wonder, is Wed., Nov. 29th. All students should eat a sack lunch.  We will leave the school at 11 a.m.  All parents must pick up their children at the theater by 1:30 p.m.

This week we will continue reading Homeless Bird and focusing on vocab and figurative language.  Homeless Bird Vocabulary NameStudents will also spend one day researching spices for their social studies project.

Reading Logs on a Newbery Award winning book are due Friday, Dec. 1st. Reading Log-Newbery Award

Week of Nov. 20th

Happy Thanksgiving to your families!

Week of Nov. 13th

Our unit on India is so exciting as we delve into new cultural studies. We are reading Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan. This week we are building background on the religions, culture, language and population. We listen to the book on audio and learn new vocab.

Reading logs with free choice reading are due Friday, Nov. 13th. Reading Log

Week of Oct. 30th

As we end our historical fiction Egypt books, students are accountable for Egyptian vocabulary and more literary terms. Study for the upcoming test. Egyptian Vocab Study Pg 2 2017  Egyptian Vocab Study 2017

Complete the story maps. Cleopatra VII Story Elements Page 1  Maia & Cleopatra Story Elements Pg 2  Maia of Thebes Story Elements pg 1

Week of Oct. 23rd

On Monday, we have a guest librarian from the Flagstaff Public Library. We will use laptops as Claudine leads students in searching credible databases. Students are learning how to research and document facts for their Egypt research in social studies. We will continue reading our historical fiction selections in literature circles, record info. on the story maps and write summaries of the beginning and middle of the stories. Cleopatra VII Story Elements Page 1  Maia of Thebes Story Elements pg 1  Maia & Cleopatra Story Elements Pg 2

Week of Oct. 16th

Hello Students and Parents, Hurray!  We have access to the teacher websites again!  I am so pleased to be able to keep you updated again on our weekly lessons.

The student-led parent/teacher conferences were truly a joy.  What a gift it is to teach students who want to be a NPA, enjoy school and desire to learn. Thank you for supportive parents!

Eight of our six graders entered the local VFW Patriot’s Pen “America’s Gift to My Generation” Writing Contest.  Aeka Joshi won first place for the Flagstaff area and we are so proud of all who entered. Congrats! Keep on writing.

The Coconino County Attorney’s Office is sponsoring an art poster contest. Rough drafts are due to Mrs. Kelly by Oct. 30th and final drafts are due Nov. 1st. CONTEST GUIDELINES 2017

We are collaborating with the social studies unit on ancient Egypt. Students are reading Maia of Thebes or Cleopatra VII in literature circles.  They have learned to take on various roles in their groups: discussion leader, recorder and word watcher.  This week students participated in a fishbowl activity where the entire class watched other groups discuss their readings. Our Egyptian vocab words are attached. Egypt Vocab List We also reviewed figurative language, imagery, and similes in the texts. Figurative Language Handout-Egypt We are also reading an informational text article on the controversial holiday, Columbus Day. Students will learn to cite textual evidence in their written answers and paragraphs. Homework Due Friday:  Be prepared to discuss the comprehension questions for the article on Columbus. Submit the figurative language handout.

Week of September 11th

Mrs. Kelly is collecting Bookman’s credit to continue building the classroom library. Also, Michael’s gift cards are needed to purchase supplies for the Friday Fun Craft Club. We are collecting some donations of yarn scraps for woven baskets we will make.

This week we will continue reading Wonder and Auggie and Me. The students who have completed the reading have optional books on the same theme. We will review figurative language and figures of speech, define theme and discuss Parts 4 & 5 of the book. Our new vocab words are: retrospect, inclusion, stringent, virtues, and hypocrite. We will write modeled paragraphs on the beginning and middle of the book. On Friday, we will partner read an informational text article: “Stuttering: A Break in the Flow of Speech”.

Homework: No reading log this week.

Monday-locate, illustrate and explain the meaning of figure of speech (pgs. 176, 228 or 240) We did almost all of this in class two weeks ago. Now you need to finish the worksheet. FigurativeXLanguageXHandout-Wonder

Tuesday-Complete the handout “Auggie’s Relationship with the Family”. We started this a few weeks ago. Now you need to finish the worksheet. WonderXCharacterXRelationshipXtoXFamily

Wednesday-Define sarcastically (pg. 198) and spitefully (202) using context clues and dictionary definitions.

Thursday-Read up to Part 5 & 6 in Wonder. Study the vocab flashcards.

Week of September 4th

Thank you to all of the parents who attended Open House! It was wonderful to meet you. Feel free to email anytime with questions and concerns. I have completed the reading assessments with all 103 students. If you would like to meet with me 1:1 to review those results, feel free to contact me. This week there is not a reading log. We are working on reviewing vocab: anomaly, compassion, empathy, offensive, torment, intervene, sympathy, giddy, genetic, deformed, flabbergasted, birth defect, struggle, exasperate. We will read an informational text article on the topic of learning disabilities and participate in a survey about multiple intelligences. On Thursday we will write a paragraph with a topic sentence, body and concluding sentence. Homework Due on Thursday: Define empathy and sympathy. Give an example of each. What is the difference? Homework Due Friday: Write a paragraph describing how you can help someone with a learning disability. Use 3 pieces of evidence from the text (article).



Week of August 28th

Our most recent literary terms are: figurative language, figure of speech, imagery, and simile. We will play a vocab game on Fri. This week we will read an informational text article on cyberbullying. Students are actively engaged and enjoying the books, Wonder and Auggie & Me. Reading Logs are due on Friday. FigurativeXLanguageXHandout-Wonder ReadingXLog

Week of August 21st

We are enjoying the book, Wonder by R.J. Palacio. The themes are empathy and compassion. Each week we read informational text as well. The article “Cool to be Kind” introduced us to new vocabulary and the article “Big Dreams” about the cyclist, Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah. Reading Logs are due on Friday, August 25th. Parents are welcome to join us at Fox Glen Park on Wed. afternoon 1:40-3:15.

Week of August 7th

Welcome to 6th Grade at NPA! We will have an awesome year together!

This week we will do some getting to know you activities and illustrate an adjective to describe ourselves. Please return the signed syllabus by Friday.

Happy Reading, Mrs. Kelly

2017-2018 6th Grade Supply List

Please see the attached list. Thank you and I look forward to meeting all the new sixers in August. 6thXgradeXsuppliesX2017-2018




Click here to download the Sixth Grade Language Arts: Reading (All periods 1-6) syllabus (PDF)