Kelly, Tammy (English: Reading 6)

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Welcome to Sixth Grade Reading! When I was in sixth grade, I received the award for reading the most books! So I am very pleased to be the reading teacher at NPA. I’ve enjoyed teaching in Northern Arizona since 1983. My experience includes teaching elementary-high school, community college and university students. I am also involved in the art community of Flagstaff and enjoy integrating the arts into my lessons. I appreciate establishing a personal relationship with my students and their families. My husband and I enjoy hiking, kayaking, traveling and cooking. We love having our daughter, son-in-law, and grandcat in Flagstaff as well.

B.S. Elementary Education/Special Education, Eastern Michigan University, 1983.

M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction: Reading, Grand Canyon University, 2013.

Endorsements: Gifted, Library Science, Early Childhood, SEI, Reading Specialist

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moreSixth Grade Language Arts: Reading (All periods 1-6)





Sixth Grade Reading (Periods 1-5) 



Students are provided with periodic informal reading assessments to determine individual reading fluency and comprehension levels. Instruction will cover the components of a balanced reading program. Informational text, novels, biographies, reader’s theatre, and poetry will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and analytical reading. Literature studies, written expression, oral speaking and arts appreciation are integrated to broaden reading experiences. Some of the selected reading correlates with the 6th grade social studies program. The teaching of Common Core Standards is required in all lessons. A variety of approaches and multiple efforts are made to engage all learners.

Grading Policy During Online School

I assign several assignments each week in Google Classroom. Usually, I only collect one assignment each week for a grade. I post that grade in Gradebook and students can view it in Family Link. If a student does not submit an assignment, as a courtesy, I email parents requesting for them to finish it.  Many students respond right away, after receiving the reminder. If I do not receive it , I leave it blank in Gradebook so parents can see that it is a missing assignment. I am not deducting points for late work.



Week of April 20th This week we will continue the biographical studies.

Monday, April 20th: Your reading log on the biographical character is due. Please submit it in the Google Form that was provided last week. Many of you have turned it in early and I thank you for that. You will find your grade for the reading log in Family Link by Monday evening.

*Monday-Friday: Continue reading and taking notes on your biographical character. You may use the reading log to record your time spent reading. This is on the honor system and you will not need to submit a second reading log.

*Tuesday: Answer the question pertaining to the research.  I need to know if you need additional help with research.

*Thursday: Submit the final notes in the Biographical Research Form. You will complete the Google form and submit it there. Your grade for the biographical research will be posted in Family Link by Friday morning.

*If you see your grade in Family Link, there is not a need to resubmit assignments that appear to not be turned into the Google Classroom. If you have technological issues, you may email me your work. All grades are posted in Family Link.

*I miss you all and I am very proud of how hard you are working during this time!

In two weeks we will be reading about inventors/innovators.  Please make sure you have established a free account with  You will be able to read books on that site.

In two weeks, we will begin our European Literature Unit. You will have three choices in books:  Crispin, the Cross of Lead, Catherine Called Birdy, or the Trumpeter of Krakow. Plan to pick up a book from me or order your own.

Week of April 13th

Happy Monday, Sixers. Today we begin our biography unit. I have posted the assignments so just open the Classwork tab in Google Classroom to see them.  The code is rd7r46m.

1. Obtain three resources on the individual you have decided to study.

2. Begin reading.

3. Reading log will be due on Monday, April 20th. (We have a spring holiday on April 16th-17th so you don’t have to do schoolwork then!) If you have it done before Monday, you may submit it early. Be sure to submit in Google Forms and click on the black button in the upper right corner.

4. I am happy to help you find resources to for your research. Just send me an email.

5. I would like 100% participation from sixth graders. Last week, we had 93% participation! Thanks for your hard work! I am proud of you! On Wed, the sixth grade teachers will have another prize drawing for best participants!

Looking Ahead-In May, we will study European Literature. You may choose between two books: Crispin: The Cross of Lead or Catherine, Called Birdy.  You may order one book on your own or plan ahead to pick it up from Mrs. Kelly.

Week of April 6th

Hello Sixers, I look forward to learning along with you in Google Classroom. Please know I am here for you! Each week, look to this webpage for an overview of what is going on. I will try to submit a personal note each week.  Then proceed to our Google Classroom.  The code is rd7r46m.

This week, you need to complete the reading of A Wrinkle in Time. You will also prepare for the test by completing the following:

  1. Create a reading folder to organize your work. Label it with your name, period and reading class.

  2. Matching Vocab Sheet-Complete by Wednesday

  3. Rough Draft Paragraph-Complete by Wednesday

  4. Test-Do not submit the entire test.

  5. Written Final Draft Paragraph-Submit this only for grading! Due Thursday, April 9th.

Be thinking about what biography you want to read. We will begin that unit on April 13th. I do have some bios on hand so you can ask if I have one on the person you want to study.  I may be able to drop off a book to you.

You may consider obtaining a biography/autobiography from Amazon, Thriftbooks or Bright Side Bookshop.

Bright Side Bookshop

Downtown N. SanFrancisco St. Flagstaff, AZ ·

We’re still here for you Flagstaff (and beyond). We now have a “Stay At Home” order in Arizona through April 30th. We will continue to offer daily curbside pickup from 10am-2pm and shipping direct to home. Simply call 928-440-5041 or email

Week of March 30th

Please read the attached letter from Mrs. Kelly. LetterXtoXSixers

Students, if you are emailing Mrs. Kelly, do not use your school email account. Please use different email accounts to communicate with me.  I can receive the school account emails, however, I cannot reply to them. Email me at  If you need a copy of A Wrinkle in Time, please email me your address and I will deliver it to your home.  I only have 5 copies because many were checked out and I have already delivered 20 copies to student homes. Some of you will need to obtain your own by ordering it off Amazon or Thriftbooks. Please make sure it is the same cover (black center with gold letters in the title) as the one we are using at school so that the page numbers align.  We are almost done with this unit, and in two weeks we will be reading biographies.  Be thinking about what biography you want to read.

You may consider obtaining a biography/autobiography from Amazon, Thriftbooks or Bright Side Bookshop.

Bright Side Bookshop

Downtown N. SanFrancisco St. Flagstaff, AZ ·

We’re still here for you Flagstaff (and beyond). We now have a “Stay At Home” order in Arizona through April 30th. We will continue to offer daily curbside pickup from 10am-2pm and shipping direct to home. Simply call 928-440-5041 or email

Use your agenda to write down the assignments for your reading class. Check off the assignments as you complete them.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we will work in the AZ MERIT PRACTICE BOOK. Students should complete Practice Test 1 (pgs. A1-A54).  In addition to the comprehension questions, they will write effective and quality responses to the essay questions.  Students, when you read a question, go back into the text and highlight or underline where you found your answer.  When you answer the comprehension questions, underline the words you will reuse from the question and then use those words to write a complete answer. We have practiced these strategies many times this year. Please provide thorough written responses. Next week, I will provide the answer key so you can check your responses.

Many of you have questions about the AZ Merit. President Trump cancelled all spring achievement tests for students in the U.S. I have assigned you the AZ Merit Reading Practice Test because you will still be taking it next year. Also, it is something you can do at home without using the family computer. In addition, you are practicing skills you learned such as highlighting where you find answers in the text and how to write effective written responses. Thanks, Mrs. Kellyrovide an answer key so you can check your multiple-choice answers. 


Our fantasy unit continues with A Wrinkle in Time. Students should complete CH 9-10 by the end of the week. They should complete CH 1-10 of the Literary Terms handout and the Vocab handout. AXWrinkleXinXTimeXLiteraryXTerms AXWrinkleXinXTimeXVocabulary

In their journals, the students will respond to these questions:

How does Meg know that Charles Wallace’s mind and heart have been taken over ? Describe what life is like on Camazotz. How is it different from your own life? The same? How do they keep people from suffering on Camazotz? (pgs 103-112, 115-116, 118-119, 121, 177)

CH 9

How does Meg’s father disappoint her when she finally reunites with him? Discuss the difference in Charles Wallace’s behavior. (Pgs. 159, 171-172)

Define and list traits of antagonists in the text.

The Black Thing, IT, and The Man with Red Eyes

Next week, your lessons for reading class will be in Google Classroom. On Friday, I will post the code on this webpage.  Also, this webpage will always have tips for you so refer to it weekly as well.


February 24th-March

We started our new fantasy unit.  Students have reading logs to complete Friday, March 6th and 13th. ReadingXLog-Fantasy  In class, we are reading A Wrinkle in Time.  Students should complete reading of CHs 1-6 by March 6th. We have a literary handout we are completing as we read the chapters. AXWrinkleXinXTimeXLiteraryXTerms

We spend time working in the AZMerit workbook getting ready for the AZMerit Test on March 30-April 2nd.

Next week, we will have a visiting public librarian teaching us how to use databases for research.  Research projects for our invention projects will begin on March 6th. Every parent will receive a permission form and time schedule for this project.  The projects will be presented on the last day of school at the Invention Convention. Independent work is essential for this project.  Each student will receive help with paragraph writing in their science, social studies and math class. In writing, they will work on improving their writing and also write the introductory and final paragraphs.

February 3rd-14th

The students are preparing for their unit test on Feb. 13th. The Vocab Match is due Tues., Feb. 11th. RollXofXThunderXVocabXStudyXSheetX2018        

Students are preparing for their Independent Projects.  The were able to self-select projects based on their talents such as writing, art, cooking and music. Rough drafts are due on Fri., Feb. 14th. Presentations will take place on Feb. 18-20th. It is important for students to dedicate time at home for this project. RollXofXThunderXProjectX2018  Quizlet can be used to study for the vocab test.

Month of January

Students are reading from Coretta Scott King Award books or any other book by an African American author. Reading logs are due Jan. 24th and 31st. CorettaXScottXKingXAwardXBooksReadingXLog-CorettaXScottXKing

The students are reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. Audio CDs and are available. We study characterization, CharacterXChart-LoganXFamily figurative language FigurativeXLanguageXXHandout-RollXofXThunder in addition to tough subjects such as discrimination and racism. Chapter 1-3 Vocab definitions are due Jan. 24th. RollXofXThunderXCHX1-3

During this unit, students are exposed to discrimination toward various groups over many time periods. Classroom discussion is encouraged as awareness is heightened.

Week of December 9th and 16th

Students will prepare for the written portion of the exam by writing a letter to a character from the book, Homeless Bird. 1stXSemesterXFinalXExam-WrittenXPractice

Students should prepare for the vocabulary portion of the semester exam. VocabXFlashcardsXSemesterX1  Cut and fold flashcards to study with a friend.

The figurative language handout will be due. FigurativeXLanguageXHandout-HomelessXBird

The vocabulary study sheet is due Monday, Dec. 16th. FinalXExamXPrep-1stXSemesterXLiteraryXTerms

Week of December 2nd

LINK-to Evaluate Teacher 

STUDENTS—Use this link to evaluate Mrs. Kelly and the reading class 

Newbery Reading Log Due Friday, December 6th ReadingXLog-NewberyXAward

There are many Newbery Award winning books available in the classroom.

We are listening to the audio recording of Homeless Bird and studying the culture of India. The unit on India correlates with lessons currently offered in 6th grade social studies.

Students may begin studying for the vocabulary exam which will be Dec. 18-20.. The forty terms are in this vocab match handout. VocabXFlashcardsXSemesterX1


Week of November 18th

Newbery Reading Log Due Nov. 22nd ReadingXLog-NewberyXAward

There are many Newbery Award winning books available in the classroom.

We are listening to the audio recording of Homeless Bird and studying the culture of India. The unit on India correlates with lessons currently offered in 6th grade social studies.

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!




Week of November 11th

Newbery Reading Log Due Nov. 15th

There are many Newbery Award winning books available in the classroom. ReadingXLog-NewberyXAward

This week we are reading informational text on the topic of Columbus Day and covering argumentative writing, debate, analyzing claims, opposition and controversy. After reading unbiased info. text, they will establish their own claims to support or not support the celebration of the holiday.

We will start our India unit on Friday.  Next week, we will begin Homeless Bird and all students will listen to it on audio.

Week of November 4th

The Vocab Match Sheet is due on Monday. EgyptianXVocabXStudyXPgX2X2018 We will play a vocab game to get ready for the test on Tuesday/Wednesday. Students will need to finish the historical fiction book in their groups by Friday.  The Story Elements handout will be due on Friday or Tuesday, Nov. 12th. CleopatraXVIIXStoryXElementsXPageX1 MaiaXXXCleopatraXStoryXElementsXPgX2

Sixers are learning to be responsible and organized. On any given Friday, I have at least 20% of students who are missing assignments. I ask them to come in during lunch time to finish that work while they are eating.  If assignments are still out, they will miss Fun Friday. Students should get in the habit of checking Family Link each week to ensure that all assignments are turned in.

Week of October 28th

The students are enjoying working in literature circles. This is a great way for leadership skills and active learning to take place. They had two reading logs on the topic of Egypt to help build background for the historical fiction literature, Maia of Thebes and Cleopatra VII. We are getting ready for a vocabulary test next week (Nov. 5th/6th).  On Thursday, the Egypt Vocab Handout is due. EgyptXVocabXHandoutX2 On Monday, the Vocab Matching Sheet is due. EgyptianXVocabXStudyXPgX2X2018

Week of October 7th

Parents, please make sure you have signed up for conferences.  You will have one conference with your child’s study hall teacher. Teachers will be at NPA until 6:30 p.m. on Monday and 6 p.m. on Tuesday/Wednesday. Students will be making their unit presentations this week.  Have a wonderful break! Happy Autumn!


Week of September 30th

Students are taking the written expression portion of the unit test. They may use their book, notes, and the dictionary. The story map is due Tues or Wed. Rough draft independent projects are due on Thurs. Sign up for your project presentation next week!

Week of September 23rd

The students completed the vocabulary portion of their unit test.  Overall, they did very well.  Students had an opportunity to reflect on the their study habits and evaluate what they need to do next time to improve.


Week of September 16th

Each student was provided with a menu of projects to choose from for a culmination project. Parent signatures are due on Thurs., Sept. 19th so parents are informed of the requirements for this home project. Rough drafts are due Oct. 3rd. Students can begin submitting rough drafts anytime so they have feedback prior to completing the project.  Presentations will be Oct. 7th, 8th and 9th. WonderXProject WonderXProjectXRubricWonder-CharacterXPennant

Students area reading an excellent article on Kyle Maynard, an individual who crawled to Mt. Kilimanjaro. The worked well with reading buddies.  The video of Kyle, entitled, “Man with No Limbs Climbs the Tallest Mountain in Africa” is excellent and inspiring.

Students are preparing for their vocab test next week.  Printed flashcards are available for studying. The vocab match sheet is due Friday, Sept. 20th. WonderXVocabXStudyXGuide WonderXVocabXGameXCardsLiteraryXTermsXMatchingXGame


Week of September 9th 

Students should complete the Justin Chapter-Part 5 by Friday. Reading logs are due Friday, September 13th with a parent signature. There is extra credit if the book is on the topic of empathy. We are discussing theme and how to summarize the beginning and middle of the literature with written expression. WonderXStoryXElementsXPgX2 ReadingXLogXwithXmoreXcomments

Take advantage of afterschool help to get caught up, work directly with a teacher or organize yourself.  Mon, Tues, and Thursday in the 6th grade hall until 4:15 p.m.


Week of September 3rd

This week we will read an article entitled, “Understanding Learning Disabilities” and also participate in a Multiple Intelligences survey.  It is always interesting to see what students gain from this as they explore their personal strengths and areas of need.

Homework: Due Wed.  Write a paragraph describing how to help someone with a learning disability.

By Friday:  Complete reading Part 4-Jack

Week of August 26th

We are still reading  Wonder.  As students finish the book, there are various handouts to complete. We do several examples in class and then they need to complete them on their own. Also, students are allowed to read at their own pace, so as they finish, we have Auggie and Me and other titles on the topic of empathy. This week, we cover figurative language, imagery, idioms and similes. FigurativeXLanguageXHandout-Wonder FigurativeXLanguageXHandoutX2-Wonder

Due Thursday-Character Analysis of Auggie

Due Thursday-Auggie’s relationship with his Family

Due Friday-Reading Log (Extra Credit for a book on empathy!)

Week of August 19th

We are reading the book, Wonder.  Students have the option of reading with a partner, with audio or independently.  Some students have opted to read Auggie and Me as an alternative. Students should finish Part 1 by Thursday. For informational text, students will read about the cyclist, Emmanuel Ofos Yeboah.  BigXDreamsXAXdisabledXcyclistWe are learning to analyze characters by using F.A.S.T. in a graphic organizer.  For homework, students should continue working on their graphic organizers.

Reading Logs will be sent home and are due Friday, August 30th.  Reading Logs can be from any book (except Wonder) and some students will choose books on the topic of empathy.


Week of August 12th

Students are reading the book, Wonder by R.J. Palacio.  They write notes in their literary response journals as we discuss new vocab and comprehend the story. We have 35 copies so a few students can check out a book for home use.  Other students are providing their own copy, which is super helpful!  Thank you! Our topic this week is empathy and compassion.  We read the informational text article, “Cool to be Kind.” and discussed it at length in the class. CoolXtoXbeXKindXarticle

Students are learning to use their agendas to record their homework for each class.

It will be a wonderful school year!  I look forward to getting to know each student and helping them develop a love for reading! On Thursday, the students will take home the syllabus to be signed by parents. NPAX6thXGradeXReadingXSyllabus  On Friday, students will choose an adjective to describe themselves and use lettering to decorate it.  Due Monday.  Next week, we will start our first reading unit on the book, Wonder.

Please see the attached list of materials for each student to provide during the first week of school. 6thXgradeXsuppliesXXnewXXXKaylaXArendtX

The following list of titles are books we will read in class.  We typically have 35 copies to share in class.  If students need additional time to complete the reading, it  is very helpful for them to have their own copies to read at home. BookXListXforXHome

Fall Reading-

Wonder by R.J. Palacio (hardcover)

Cleopatra VII Daughter of the Nile by Kristina Gregory or Maia of Thebes by Ann Turner

Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan

Spring Reading-

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (orange cover) by Mildred Taylor

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine Engle (black cover)

Self-selected biography/autobiography

Crispin: the Cross of Lead by Avi or Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen Cushman









Click here to download the Sixth Grade Language Arts: Reading (All periods 1-6) syllabus (PDF)