Johnson, Ryan (Physical Education)

Use this code to log in to google classroom.  Until we return to NPA, this is how our class will be managed.  Your first assignment is to log in by Wednesday.  Info on the assignment can be found in google classroom.  Use the code below.

If you need to contact me, send me an email at –  stay safe, spartans.


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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Physical Education!!!!

Class materials:   Change of clothes, Deodorant, Positive Attitude, and Gym Shoes

Syllabus : SyllabusXallclassesX

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moreAll MS or High School Health/ P.E.



Click here to download the All MS or High School Health/ P.E. syllabus (PDF)

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  (copy and paste link if it is not highlighted for you) [embed][/embed] Health 8/21 (Due 8/28)  - Please watch the video and answer the following question (in complete sentences)  -  How do cell phones impact relationships?  Do you agree with the video or not?  Why?  - 1/2 page to 1 page is sufficient.