Cyphers, Jennifer (Sports Medicine & Performance, Anatomy & Physiology)

I’m Mrs. Cyphers, and the 2022-23 school year will be my second at NPA. Besides teaching Sports Medicine & Performance and Anatomy & Physiology, I am also the athletic trainer for NPA athletics.



Hello! You can learn more about Ms. Cyphers on her NPA Athletic Training website here!

Google Classroom Codes:

5th Period Anatomy & Physiology: cezjata

6th Period Sports Medicine & Performances7yktqh

7th Period Sports Medicine & Performanceqqtnkqc

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Course List

moreSports Medicine & Performance


This year-long course is designed to prepare students at Northland Preparatory Academy (NPA) for a future career in the sports medicine field. This course will also serve to expose the students to this career field to give them an opportunity to see if it would be a career that would interest them. After successfully completing this course, a student will be more equipped to pursue a higher level of sports medicine education than another student without this type of opportunity and experience.

First Day of School 22-23 Supplies:

-Notebook with pockets or computer device (note-taking)

-Writing utensils (pencil or pen)

-Willingness and excitement to learn new things!

moreAnatomy & Physiology


This course integrates class work, laboratory experiences, and dissections to present the human as a marvel of biological engineering. The topics discussed will include tissue studies and a systematic study of the human form (bones, muscles, nerves, circulation, digestion, respiration, endocrinology, reproduction, and excretion). Students will understand the functions of a variety of body systems and organs. This course is designed to expose students heading into various healthcare-related fields to the knowledge and skills of the field; it is intended to introduce the terminology and techniques that they will use in their post-secondary education.


First Day of School 22-23 Supplies:

1.5-2″ binder

College ruled lined paper (loose leaf or notebook)

Graphing paper (about 10 sheets is enough)

Writing utensils

Calculator (please bring every day!)