Ruiz, Amberly (Math: Adv. Math Concepts, Math Specialist)

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This is my second year teaching at Northland Preparatory Academy – I love teaching math!  I graduated from Northern Arizona University (NAU) with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a concentration of middle school/high school Mathematics, and Spanish.  I am also currently attending graduate school at NAU to pursue a Master’s degree in Educational Technology.

I am available after school everyday until 3:45 in room 108, long period Tuesdays in room 804, and encourage the students to meet with me after school for math help, or set up a time to meet during their ILS.  I encourage students to attend Fun Math after school as it can be a great resource to receive extra help on material covered in class or improve on concepts where students might be struggling. Fun Math is every Monday (with Goodman in room 809), Tuesday (with Ridley in room 818), and Thursday (with Elsass in room 817).

For students in AMC: If students attend any Fun Math session and get the work/assignment being worked on signed by the teacher, then they will receive extra credit towards their lowest grade from that week.

Below you will find important notes pertaining to AMC: note-taking guides, lesson PowerPoints, homework, the class calendar and help in accessing the online textbook (Update 8/27/19: Access to the online textbook is up and running – an email should have been received regarding accessing it. Please proceed to the Advanced Math Concepts tab below for how to login).  If a student is absent, or it is known that they will be absent, please refer to the calendar so the student can catch up on the missed material.

Please send your student to class with a calculator.  Material covered in class works best and far quicker when each student is prepared, this includes having a calculator.  Unfortunately, when a student does not have all materials necessary for class and are unprepared to learn, they might fall behind because they are unable to follow along through the lessons, which can affect them later as they complete their homework.

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Thank you,

Ms. Ruiz

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If a student is absent, or it is known that they will be gone for 5th or 6th period, please refer to this calendar.  On the calendar you will find the Lesson PowerPoint, note-taking guide, and homework information for each lesson covered/will be covered in class.  The calendar also allows you to look ahead, follow along, and remain up-to-date on what is being covered in class.

Google Calendar:

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-Calculator (a simple calculator or a scientific calculator will be just fine)

-Pens (any color other than black)

-Lined Paper

-3-Ring Binder

-EXPO Markers (if you are able to)

-Tissues (if you are able to)


Online textbook info for AMC

The textbook is located at

The username for the online textbook is your child’s name: firstname.lastname.npa

The password is: math@npa

You must disable pop-ups for the book to work!


Click here to download the Advanced Math Concepts syllabus (PDF)