Acker, Melissa (Social Studies 6)


Looking forward to meeting with my 7th period class parent and students for the student-led conferences, October 10-12th.

Please remember conferences are student led, so your student needs to be present. Unfortunately there are not enough conference slots to meet with every student and parent, therefore only sign up with your student’s 7th hour teacher. Here is the Calendy link to schedule the meeting.


Missy Acker

I hope your summer is off to a wonderful start. Below is a link to school supplies for the sixth grade. This list is for every class, except for your elective in the 6th grade. If you print out this list  you will have everything you need. You do not need to bring everything on the first day. The tissues and Clorox wipes are given to your first period teacher, for classroom use.

I do not give out summer homework, but I do believe in being a life-long- learner. So please, read some fun books, pay attention to some positive news going on in the world and know where it is happening. Be able to make change in your mind when purchasing something at the store and make sure to explore. Exploration can be going to far off lands, or to your kitchen, as you create dinner for your family.

Looking forward to seeing you in August,

Ms. Acker

I’m am looking forward to meeting you over zoom for student led parent/teacher conferences.

Please understand that due to time constraints you will only schedule a meeting with your student’s homeroom teacher. Your student will lead the conference, cover all academic subjects discussing their progress in their classes, and then demonstrate how to access Infinite Campus and Google Classroom. Finally, please make separate conferences for elective classes.

Please use the link below to book your conference.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,


Missy Acker

Below is the link to the back to school post.

IF you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Looking forward to meeting you during parent/teacher conferences,


Missy Acker

I was so excited to meet all the sixth graders last week, it was a wonderful week.

This week students will log onto their google classroom accounts as well as their online textbook.

Below are the google classroom codes.We will log onto these on Tuesday during class time.

Homeroom and 1st period wtiqjdb

2nd period nqbkrs2

3rd period uixi35e

4th period Study Hall- usually nothing is posted here unless we go back to zoom and the link will be listed. hft2vot

6th period 54d6kxi

7th period kkarab7

On Wednesday in class, students  will log onto their online text from TCI and learn about the text book.  We will use it as a supplement to our learning and have homework from it a couple times a week, There is a notebook feature, in which students will answer questions to each topic.  The online text is great, and has many features. For example, students can push the play button and listen to the text or more preferable read along with it. They can high light words and have the definition given about that word. Each chapter has interactive games which will increase their vocabulary and knowledge about the topic.

Looking forward to a great year,


Missy Acker

I’m so excited to meet you and share my love of learning and history with you.

Here is a link to get started on your school supplies-

This list covers all five academic classes, so if you print or download this list to shop, all 6th grade teachers will have this same list. The folders and notebooks are color coded for different classes. Yellow or orange folders and notebooks are tougher to find so that is why I’ll take either one for social studies.

Looking forward to seeing you in August,

Mrs. Acker

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