Parents are a crucial part of the NPA Family, and always have been.

In fact, NPA was founded by a group of parents who wanted something better for their children’s education.  They were willing to take a different path, color outside the lines, and make extra efforts to see to it that the school they created would work for their children and have the resources it needed to  carry out its mission.

In the very early days of NPA, families actually took turns signing up for weekends to come in and clean the school, and the governing board, made up of parents, chipped in personal funds to pay the school’s utility bills when times were tight.  While NPA has come a long way since those times, we still rely on Spartan parents for crucial support.

NPA parents don’t just drop their students off in the mornings and pick them up in the afternoons.  NPA parents are involved.  Parents volunteer to drive students to athletic events and music performances, and many help out with coaching duties for several of our teams.  NPA parents share their expertise in classrooms as guest speakers and help our students think about their future through our annual Career Day presentations.  The Community Enrichment Committee (CEC) is our parent organization, supporting student needs, organizing parent volunteers for many functions, and keeping the community informed through its monthly newsletter, NPA Connect.

At least half our Governing Board members are NPA parents, ensuring that parents are key stakeholders and have a major role in the policies, direction, and progress of the school.

We consider our parents to be our most important partners in the education of the students.  When strong lines of communication are open between parents and teachers, and between parents and school administration, the students know that all of the adults are working together in their best interests.  That’s how our objectives are met and we have such happy, healthy, high-achieving, and satisfied Spartan students and families.

NPA parents are also our best ambassadors for the school.  They provide the best testimony to the effectiveness of our program and our commitment to each child as an individual.

Please explore the information and resources we have posted here on the Parents page, and always feel free to contact the school with any questions or concerns.

THANK YOU for being such wonderful Spartan parents!