Ridley, Evan (Alg. Il)

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Hello folks! If you’re looking to sign up for a parent-teacher conference, just click here. If none of these times work with you, but you’d still like to meet with me, I am happy to work to schedule another time!


Hello Students! I am excited to be teaching you all next year! I am Evan Ridley, and I have been right where you are in the same exact building (I graduated Northland Preparatory Academy).

If you ever need to reach me, try me by email at eridley@northlandprep.org

Here is a list of supplies you will need for the year (for all classes):

Graphing Calculator (TI-83 or TI-84)

Three-ring binder and dividers

Loose-leaf line paper or a spiral notebook for taking notes (whichever you prefer)

Loose-leaf lined paper

Graphing paper


Red pens for grading


A pack of dry-erase markers


Google Classrooms

Below are the links to the Google Classrooms for each period. These Google classrooms will act as the point of communication during our time online. All lessons, work, and homework will be posted to these websites.

Study Hall/ILS: oese7yz

Period 2: 5yhluts

Period 3: 5mkeizy

Period 4: ou7cp2h

Period 5: rhqe3oa

Period 6: 6awypfj

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Course List

moreAlgebra II


Here are some useful online resources for if you need some extra help:

mathhelp.com has supplemental instruction as well as some practice problems and tests that you can work through.

Khan Academy I have found works well as a supplement only. If you are confused on a lesson, or nearly understand the lesson, Khan Academy works well.

Desmos is an online graphing calculator. It’s great for checking your intuition, but I would only use it for that and get used to your graphing calculators.

If you can get past the old website, Corbett Maths is another useful tool with extra guidance and a variety of practice problems.