Murdoch, Linda (Special Education)

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I am the special education teacher for middle school and have been working at NPA since 2015. l was born and raised with my eight siblings in the beautiful prairie lands of South Dakota.    In 1988 I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree  from the University of South Dakota.  In 1990 I received a Master of Social Work degree  from the University of Michigan.  I am still a licensed clinical social worker – LCSW.   In 2017 I received my certificate in special education from Rio Salado College while working as a teacher in residence at NPA..    

While I am a relatively new certified teacher, I have a lot of experience in education.  In 1989 I worked with a literacy project in Ypsilanti Michigan teaching adult non-readers to read.  Then from 1991 to 1994 I served as a volunteer in the Peace Corps in Central America as a literacy volunteer teaching adult non-readers to read.  These experiences greatly influenced my current work.  I am deeply invested in teaching all children to read.  

The majority of my professional work has been as a clinical social worker.  This includes work  as a therapist with Catholic Charities working with families referred by Child Protective Services and with therapeutic foster families.  When my children were young  I worked one day a week as a school counselor and also contracted with Arizona Children’s Association and a  community mental health agency to provide counseling services.   As a school counselor  I created a bully prevention and a character development program as well as provided  individual counseling to students in need including students with IEPs.  

My most important and most beloved job has been being a mom.   I worked ¼ time while raising my kids doing the work mentioned above.    I homeschooled our son for 6 years and taught him the basics of reading and writing and math.  He  is now a sophomore in college studying English and economics and my daughter is a junior with a serious love of reading and writing.   My husband is a retired English, history, economics and Latin teacher.  My dad was a railroad worker and utility line man and my mom was a cook    I was the first from my family to go to college though higher education was considered impractical for a girl when I was a kid.   My five brothers followed my father in the railroad and manual labor track.    I was considered odd for wanting  to go to college.  I still have a lot of midwest work ethic and common sense in me that is here to stay.  I hope it serves me well and aids me in being an excellent teacher for my students.