Carpenter, Samantha (Sports Medicine)

Samantha Carpenter, MS, ATC, LAT, CSMS
Athletic Trainer
Sports Medicine and Performance Teacher

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Samantha earned both her Master’s Degree in Athletic Training and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fitness Wellness from Northern Arizona University. As a Certified Athletic Trainer licensed to practice in Arizona, her aim is to keep athletes healthy and safe through injury prevention, education, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. In addition, athletic trainers are healthcare professionals who are also proficient in the following:  clinical evaluation and diagnosis, immediate care, treatment, reconditioning, organization and administration, and professional responsibility. 

If interested in becoming an athletic training student at NPA (helping in the ATR, attending games, taping, etc.), please send an email.



Sports Medicine and Performance Class:

Materials needed for Q1: None 🙂 We will be doing all online learning for the first quarter. Hands-on learning will (hopefully) begin Q2.

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more7th Period: Sports Medicine and Performance


The purpose of this course is to provide a background in athletic training as a healthcare career path, explore other sports-related healthcare careers, learn the skills involved in sports medicine, and to learn about and participate in an injury prevention program.

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