For Those Re-Applying

Special Note to Those Planning to Re-Apply

A new application is required for each year.

However, if you have previously applied to NPA within the last two years and are re-applying, we are happy to give you access to any paperwork you previously submitted if it means you don’t have to start over from scratch or saves you any legwork.  Most pages of the application have to be completed fresh for the new year, but you may wish to reuse your child’s birth certificate or immunization record, for example. 

Our office hours on school days are 8am-3:45pm.  Please be prepared to remind our staff of when it was you previously applied so they may more easily find your prior application materials if necessary.

It is also worth noting that our wait lists do reset each year based on each new year’s pool of applicants.  For example, if someone has risen to #3 on the wait list for a given grade by the time that year ends, he/she does not start out at #3 for the next year.  A new lottery establishes a new wait list for the following year.