Peppers, Eric (Math: Math Concepts 6)



Hey everyone,

I have set up a google classroom for our online learning.  Here is the classroom code, nm3ahnm.  Please log on with your NPA accounts and ask me any questions you have on that stream.  The way that the semester 2 grade will be calculated will be as follows.  If your quarter 3 score is higher than your quarter 4 score, we will just use the higher quarter as the whole semester grade.  If the quarter 4 score improves the quarter 3 score, we will use that new and better grade.

-Mr. Peppers

Again, the google classroom code is nm3ahnm



Please make sure that all students come prepared to class with the required materials (pencils, red pen, notebook and folder).  Remember, you have plenty of time during the passing periods to get all of your things so there is no excuse for not being prepared.  Also, if you are absent it is up to you to find the assignment online and finish it in the given deadline.

Please check the google calendar below for the homework assignments

The online book is located at

The username for the online text book is your child’s name:  first.last.npa

The password is:  NPArocks!

You must allow pop ups for the book to work!   CLICK HERE  for help with disabling the pop up blocker.


Mr. Peppers

For extra help on homework, or help going over the lesson again you can click on the “student resources” button located directly above the “open book” button.  You can find online tutoring for the homework, daily note taking guides and extra lesson materials there.

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Parents, please fill out the GCY applications in the links below.

2020 GCY NPA 6th Expedition Form

Aramark Risk Form


moreClass Calendar


Check out the google calendar to view the homework. If you can not see anything, change the view to weekly or agenda and then find the correct date for the homework. Click on the word “homework” and you will see what the assignment is.

Google Calendar:

more6th grade notes and homework worksheets


Here some of the notes that we will be going through throughout the year. Feel free to print them off and bring them to class the day that we are doing that specific lesson. Check the calendar to see which lesson we are doing on what day.












  • 2nd Semester final study guides

(2) review Chapter 5 notes    (2) review Chapter 5 study guide    (2) review Chapter 6 notes         (2) review Chapter 6 study guide    (2) review Chapter 7 notes     (2) review Chapter 7 study guide (2) review Chapter 8 notes     (2)review Chapter 8 study guide     (2) review Chapter 9 notes        (2) review Chapter 9 study guide