Newman, Kathryn (6th Grade Social Studies)


My name is Kathryn Newman, and I’m so excited to be teaching 6th grade social studies at NPA this year. I had the privilege of student teaching at NPA last semester under the mentorship of Melissa Acker, so it is a true joy to be stepping into her shoes this school year.

This world history course gives students an overview of the world’s ancient civilizations, going from its earliest cultures through the Enlightenment. Additionally, students will study geography throughout the year and will analyze current events from around the world. My goal of this year is to not only teach history, but to teach students how to do history and become mini-historians. We will do this by investigating the past through the historical thinking process: ask a question, analyze and compare sources, compile evidence, and make evidence-based conclusions about what happened in the past. I look forward to discovering history with your students this year.

You will find my class syllabus and class calendar on this webpage. I try to update my calendar weekly with class topics, homework assignments, attachments, project due dates, and dates for quizzes and tests, beginning with the historical thinking process unit. The best way to contact me is through email – Please reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

If your student would like extra help in a smaller setting, the 6th grade team offers three after-school study halls each week, from 3:15-4:15. After-school study hall is with me (Ms. Newman) on Mondays, Ms. Kelly on Tuesdays, and Ms. Arendt on Thursdays. Success of your student is our top priority, and we would love to provide extra support if needed.