Montaño-Caicedo, Ladys (Spanish)


My name is Ladys Montaño-Caicedo and this is my fourth year at NPA. I taught at NAU for 5 years, full and part time. I love teaching! I knew I wanted to be a teacher since I was five. I started to travel the world at 18; I have lived in Colombia, Greece, France, and now the USA.  Seeing the world made me want to teach languages.

** Classes codes are under the respective classes below.

SPA I,  III and IV materials:

-A notebook(Not a binder) solely for Spanish.

-Small notebook to keep track of your reading(reading log)

-Two pens(One black and one blue or red)

ILS materials:

-A book or magazine of your preference(School appropriate)

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Course List

moreSpanish I






moreSpanish IV(DE)



moreSpanish III


Google Classroom Codes

Period 6: zormfz4

Period 7: bgf5jwg