McKean, Lauren (English: English Lit./Comp. 12)

You Might Want to Know About Me

Ms. McKean earned her MA in English and professional writing certificate from NAU in 2017, and she’s been teaching English since 2013. Her courses aim to make reading and writing relevant skills to daily life and current social issues. This year, she’s teaching 12th Literature and Composition as well as Intro to Psychology.

Outside of teaching, she enjoys working with the Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival, climbing, hiking, knitting, and reading. Inside of teaching, she most enjoys Socratic discussion.

Or You’re Wondering What to Do for My Classes During the Shutdown


  • Please take the technology and contact information survey (posted 3/30/20).
  • As of 3/30/20, all lessons, notes, and assignments will be in Google Classroom.
  • If you’re looking for a summarized overview of daily or weekly lessons, you can still check out my Planbook.
  • If you’d like to contact me, I can be reached through email or Google Classroom’s comments function.


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Literature and Composition: Click here.

Psychology: Click here.

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For information about the courses, click the royal purple boxes below. They’ll expand and tell you all about my classes: my rationales in designing them, the units, and the materials.

First Day School Supplies for English and Psych: It’s Simple.

  • 2 notebooks (1 for notes and 1 for journal entries)
  • Writing utensils
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Course List

more12th English



The purpose of this class is to prepare NPA’s seniors for life outside of the classroom: whether that be university, trade school, the job market, or at home.

Reading and writing are tools that we use to empower ourselves, and senior English aims to both encourage students to use these tools and to feel confident in their ability to do so.

How and Why

From morning until night, we consume media. Office memos. News articles. Movies. Books. Advertisements. Podcasts. Music. (I know that those are sentence fragments. It was a stylistic choice.) Each writer, unwittingly or consciously, uses rhetorical tools to promote messages. NPA’s seniors will learn how to identify those methods and messages and how to use those tools for themselves.

Everyday Materials

• Pre-assigned homework read or completed

• Composition notebooks

• Pen or pencil


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moreIntroduction to Psychology


This class explores the nature of what it is to be human and the scientific studies that have given insights into ourselves and others.


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