Linder, Ryan (7th Grade Humanities)

Hello!  I am excited we get to continue our conversations online!  Everything for my class will be posted on my Google Classroom.  Students have also created an account on where they can access their book and notebook assignments.  If you are having troubles accessing these sites please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Mr. Linder


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more7th Grade Humanities


In this class you will be learning about the diverse world in which we live Through the study of humanities, you will be engaged in learning about the world around you through many perspectives.  You will build social studies skills, such as analyzing primary and secondary sources, maps, charts, graphs and other forms of data through research.  Using these skills, you will gain a better understanding of the social, political and economic dynamics of the world. Many of the assignments in this class will also connect to the literature studied in your 7th grade English class. I plan to make this an exciting and challenging year for students.  Your success in my class will depend on your effort, a positive attitude, and abiding by the following syllabus.