Larson, Anissa (Science: Science 6)

Dear Parents and Students,

This week we are completing our Invention Convention Science paragraphs, final drafts due April 19th.  They are also completing some weather worksheets use the following resources for support.

UP FRONT weather worksheet set is due Thursday, April 26th (next week)

NASA Ocean (6min)

NOVA Coriolis Effect (3 min)

BrainPOP (3:43 min)

National Center Atmospheric Research

Tuesday, April 24th and Wednesday April 25th

We are getting out to use our weather instruments and working on UP FRONT, and observing an air pressure demonstration.

Guest Speaker from USGS in Study hall on 25th

Thursday, April 26th

UP FRONT weather worksheets are due.

Friday, April 27th

Quiz over weather unit

Endangered Coral Reefs on the following links,  by filing out this note guide (due 3/29): Oceans Coral Reefs

Possible Solutions!

Thank you,


Ms. Larson


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more6th grade Science


This is sixth grade science, designed to challenge our students thinking while encouraging them to explore the world around us. We will begin the school year setting the foundations and structure in place for the students to create their own inquiry labs and eventually design their own solutions to (simulated) problems. The students will work in teams most often in class, but will be expected to work independently as well, full participation is expected. There will be individual homework assigned, as part of the process of teaching time management and independent work skills development, we respect and want to balance student time with family and extra curricular activities, please communicate time conflicts ahead of time.


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