Larson, Anissa

Dear Parents and Students,

Wow!  The Wanted cure posters on disease research have been OUTSTANDING! I have noticed students and adults stopping to read the posters in the hall way. I am astonished with the creativity, research and writing skills demonstrated!  Thank you for taking this project seriously AND having fun with it, this is a great segue into “Code Blue” Immunologists team teaching presentation on Friday.

Homework: Study for a quiz on Thursday, November 16th-this is their “Boards Exam” on the “Code Blue” unit (immune, respiratory, circulatory, muscle/skeleton, or digestive-in the packet) they volunteered to team teach one of the systems.

Please feel free to use Quizlet STUDYGUIDES below:

Immune System:


Studying Nervous System Grade 6 on Quizlet:

Studying Science Chapter 6: The Nervous System on Quizlet:

Studying Biology skeletal and muscular system – 6th grade on Quizlet:

Studying Muscular Skeletal System 6th grade on Quizlet:

Studying 6th Grade Science – The digestive system on Quizlet:

Studying 6th grade Circulatory System on Quizlet:

Studying the Respiratory System Quizlet: and

Studying 6th grade Respiratory System on Quizlet:

Upcoming homework after Thanksgiving break: the students will be team teaching on the Monday after break, November 27th, please check in with your student to make sure they have the materials they need to keep their commitment to the group.

Monday, November 13th

The students will begin presenting their Wanted posters (short classes due to an assembly).

Tuesday, November 14th and Wednesday the 15th

The students will grade their classification test and homework, as well as listen to others present their posters.

Thank you, Mr. Silver, for your presentation on the Endocrine System, during the long study hall.

Thursday, November 16th

The students will be taking their “Boards Exams” on their systems and working on their presentations.

Friday, November 17th

The students in the Immunologist group will be team teaching on how the Immune system works.

Thank you,

Ms. Larson

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more6th grade Science


This is sixth grade science, designed to challenge our students thinking while encouraging them to explore the world around us. We will begin the school year setting the foundations and structure in place for the students to create their own inquiry labs and eventually design their own solutions to (simulated) problems. The students will work in teams most often in class, but will be expected to work independently as well, full participation is expected. There will be individual homework assigned, as part of the process of teaching time management and independent work skills development, we respect and want to balance student time with family and extra curricular activities, please communicate time conflicts ahead of time.


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