Larson, Anissa (Science: Science 6)

Dear Parents and Students,

We are starting our robotics unit, with a presentation by a 7th grader, Branston Waits-sharing  his Cosmo.  In each class students will be in a small group to create goals, align them to a budget and create a little robot for their Mars Rover Mission, NASA website curriculum.  See the video links below for note taking in each class.

Ms. Larson

Monday, May 21st 

Begin our Mission to Mars by learning about Mars and how to complete the group packet.

Mars in a Minute: How do you get to Mars?

Could we actually live on Mars?

Tuesday, May 22nd 

Once teams have agreed to a group goal(s), they will begin planning their mission with a mission budget spread sheet and mission cards.

Mars in a minute: How do you land on Mars?

Mars in a minute: How hard is it to land Curiosity (the rover) on Mars?

Mars Science Laboratory in the NATA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Video and Animations

Wednesday, May 23rd

Once the teams have completed their budget, they will begin designing their robots according to their budget (applying their team goals), that is, aligning their science instruments to what they are investigating on Mars.  The students will have a fictional robot design, describing where their scientific instruments reside on their robot.

Thursday, May 24th

Once the robot designs are completed, the students will begin to build their robots, they qualify for their type of robot based on experience programming.

14 in 1 Solar Bot tutorial

Friday, May 25th

Invention Convention Presentation Boards and Models will be presented to peers and HR teachers.

Monday, May 28th-Memorial Day Holiday no school 

Tuesday, May 29th

Students will begin building their robots this week, if they have not already started Thursday last week.  It will take a couple of days to get it pulled together.

Wednesday, May 30th

Finish touch-ups on the robot, and running through the obstacle course.

Thursday, May 31st

The students will demonstrate in a presentation their modeling, production and running of their prototype robot, and presenting of their engineering experiences.

Friday, May 25th

Invention Convention Presentation all morning.

Thank you, Happy Summer!

Ms. Larson

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more6th grade Science


This is sixth grade science, designed to challenge our students thinking while encouraging them to explore the world around us. We will begin the school year setting the foundations and structure in place for the students to create their own inquiry labs and eventually design their own solutions to (simulated) problems. The students will work in teams most often in class, but will be expected to work independently as well, full participation is expected. There will be individual homework assigned, as part of the process of teaching time management and independent work skills development, we respect and want to balance student time with family and extra curricular activities, please communicate time conflicts ahead of time.


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