Keberlein, Toni (Principal)

I began at NPA in 2000-01 school year and I believe that year we had about 140 or so students.  Much different than this year’s 620.  While there are many more students now we strive to keep the culture the same, positive and supportive.  NPA is a true educational community that strives to help all students reach their own particular heights so that they can be successful in post secondary education and great citizens.

My undergraduate degree from ASU (BAE) is in Elementary Education with an emphasis in English as a Second Language.  My graduate degree in Educational Administration and Leadership is also from ASU.  I am proud to be a L.E.E. (Leadership for Educational Entrepreneurs) fellow.  The LEE program was part of a federal grant expressly for charter school leaders.  The program blended educational leadership and administration courses with MBA courses.

Toni Keberlein

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