Elsass, Deborah (Math: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I)

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My name is Deborah Elsass and I am very excited to be teaching Pre-Algebra and Math 8 this year. This will be my 19th year teaching and I am thrilled to be doing it in beautiful Flagstaff. Lets get this year started!

Here is what you will need:

2 inch -3 ring binder just for math

4 spiral notebooks (100page)-one for each quarter (1 goes in 3-ring binder)

Pencil Bag-just for math (goes in 3 ring binder)

graph paper-keep at home until 2nd semester

red pens-used daily so at least 10 or more-(put 2 in pencil bag)

Dry erase markers-used daily so at least 10-(put 2 in pencil bag)

yellow highlighters-(put one in pencil bag)

Glue sticks-(put one in pencil bag)

pencils and colored pencils-(in pencil bag)

small scissors-(in pencil bag)

1-clorox wipes- for the classroom

1-box of tissues-for the classroom

1-bag of starbursts, tootsie rolls, chocolate kisses, or any other individually wrapped candy-for the classroom.

See you soon!