Cowger, Carrie (Spanish, Yoga)

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I have been teaching Spanish in Flagstaff for the last 9 years. I graduated from NAU with a bachelor’s in Secondary Spanish Education and a Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish. This is my fourth year teaching Spanish here at NPA and my second year teaching yoga.

My office hours are Monday and Wednesday from 3:15-3:45.

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By the end of Spanish I, students should be able to communicate on a basic level, using present, future, and preterit tense verbs and common phrases to meet basic demands of Spanish communication. This course is designed to develop all five language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural competence through authentic materials and those that are designed for second language learners. The goal of the Spanish I course is to develop a solid foundation for the ability to communicate in Spanish. A student’s background, aptitude, and application will determine the level of language proficiency acquired.

Material List for 2017/2018:

1 1.5” or 2”three ring binder filed with lined paper, 1 composition book or 1 subject notebook, 1 package 8 tab dividers, pens and pencils for daily use,

3 highlighters (of 3 DIFFERENT colors)

1 package index cards


Click here to download the Spanish syllabus (PDF)

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***8/11-Tarea: Memorize how to spell your first and last name. ***8/15-Tarea: pg.3 and study notes ***8/16-Tarea: Put all 34 sustantivos from your lista de vocabulario into and then study them or make paper flashcards and study them. Either way one side is Spanish and one side is English. Chapter 1 vocab sheet is right here. 1.0XlistaXdeXvocabulario ***8/17-Tarea: pg. 4 ***8/18-Tarea: pg. 7 ***8/22-Tarea: pg. 5 ***Study the words under "PResentaciones" and "expresiones de cortesia" on your vocab list.***8/25:Tarea-study the "saludos", "despedidas" and "come esta" boxes on the vocab sheet!!!Vocab quiz this Wednesday 8/31 on everything except Sustantivos on the vocab list.!!!Vocab quiz this Wednesday 9/14 on "La clase words" on chapter 2's lista de vocabulario.2-0xlistaxdexvocabulario***9/12-Tarea: Study for quiz on Wednesday (la clase words)!!!quiz on "los verbos" on Friday***9/19-Tarea: study 2.1 notes***9/22-Tarea: heart w.s and #4 on the back of the heart worksheet***9/26-Tarea: pg. 18 #2, #3 and #4***Tarea: 10/20-copy 3.1 and 3.2 notes into your cuadernos. Read and study them. Here they are: 3-1xdescriptivexadjectivesxapuntes 3-2xpossessivexajectivesxnotes 3.3 Notes 3-3xpresentxtensexofx-erxandx-irxverbsxnotes***Tarea: 10/24 pg. 29 ***Tarea: 11/7-pg. 37 and 38 !!!vocab quiz this Thursday 11/10 on deportes y lugares chpt 4 vocab list 4-0xlistaxdexvocabulario***3/30-2 vhl activites due tonight at midnight ***3 vhl activities due 4/5 at midnight !!! Preterite test on Friday 4/7***4/11 8 vhl activities due tonight at midnight***Composition due tomorrow 4/18, double spaced with accents.***Composition #2 due Thursday 4/27***13 vhl activities on chapter 3 due Friday 5/5 at midnight

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Modest yoga attire is required daily. We won’t dress out the first day. NPA will provide mats. If you prefer to bring your own you can, but it is not necessary.


Click here to download the Yoga/Health syllabus (PDF)

Google Calendar:

endocrinexsystemxnotes!!!Endocrine System quiz on 10/7