Cowger, Carrie (Spanish, Yoga)

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I have been teaching Spanish in Flagstaff for 12 years and yoga for 3 years. I graduated from NAU with a bachelor’s in Secondary Spanish Education and a Master’s degree in teaching Spanish. I have two yoga teacher training certificates, one from Northern Arizona Yoga Center and one from Mysore, India. This is my fifth year at NPA.

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By the end of Spanish III students should be able to communicate at the intermediate level, using present, future, and past tense verbs along with the imperative mood and common phrases and vocabulary. This course is designed to develop all five language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural competence through authentic materials and those that are designed for second language learners.  The goal of the course is to help students develop the ability to communicate in Spanish, while at the same time furthering their knowledge of Hispanic culture. A strong emphasis is placed on using the language in practical situations, while also helping further their understanding of Spanish grammatical rules, word order, and word formation.  Students will increase their levels of proficiency via the everyday use of the target language. By continuous practice of the target language it is expected that students will be able to spontaneously create with the language, initiate, sustain and close intermediate level exchanges, ask and answer questions, and possess the skills necessary of circumlocution when faced with a more difficult communicative task. Additionally, students will be able to meet intermediate level practical writing needs by creating compositions, short narratives, and summaries.

Material List for 2018/2019:

1 1.5” or 2” three ring binder filed with lined paper,  1 package lined note cards, 8 tab dividers, pens and pencils for daily use


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Modest yoga attire is required daily. We won’t dress out the first day. NPA will provide mats. If you prefer to bring your own you can, but it is not necessary.


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