Compain, Christine (Guidance Counselor)

***Because of the nature of our work, as counselors, it is best, if you’d like to speak with us, to please call/email and set an appointment, rather than “pop in”, as we may be with a student, testing, or in meetings. ***

I am thrilled to have joined the Northland Prep Counseling department!

Born and raised on the east coast, Baltimore, MD, to be specific, I am fairly new to the Flagstaff area.  I love all things Baltimore, especially crab cakes, Old Bay, and Berger cookies…we have them shipped out to us throughout the year to satisfy our cravings! I still support my “home team” sports too—Go O’s and Ravens! I don’t get to visit MD as often as I’d like, but, when I do…I am sure to enjoy all that it has to offer…everything from the Inner Harbor and Camden yards, to Ocean City…and of course, all of those yummy foods!

I earned my undergraduate degree in Interpersonal Communication Arts, with a minor in Marketing Management, from Salisbury University, a wonderful school on MD’s eastern shore.  I later went on to earn my master’s degrees from McDaniel College, in Westminster, MD.  My first master’s is in Human Services Management, with a focus in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis, and my second master’s is in School Counseling.

Prior to moving to Flagstaff, I served as a resource educator for students at a large, private high school in NW DC.

Throw kindness around like confetti!!!

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