Registration Documents

Registration and course fees are viewable in Family Link and payable online.

THANK YOU in advance for returning all required forms by August 15th!

Required forms for RETURNING Students:

Required form for NEW Students:

  • Understanding of Curricular Expectations 2018-19
    Each year every teacher showing a full-length film or reading a full-length text (other than their textbook) posts a rationale for the film or text.  The rationale briefly describes the plot and why the particular material was chosen.  Rationales are posted each June for returning teachers.  If interested you may view the Book & Video Rationales under Academics.
  • All other required forms were submitted with your application packet – THANK YOU!

Ways to return the signed forms:

-Drop them off at the school
-Fax them to NPA at 928-214-8778
-Scan and email them to
-Mail them to:

ATTN: Registration Docs
3300 E. Sparrow Ave.
Flagstaff, AZ 86004