Chromebook Campaign

Support NPA’s Students
With A Donation For More Chromebooks!

With Spartan teachers and students conducting all sorts of lessons, activities, projects, and assignments online during the school day, the demand for our existing fleet of devices is greater than the supply. NPA seeks to add at least four carts (i.e., 96 devices) to its fleet of devices. At $300 per device, plus the cost of carts, the additional devices will cost $35,000. To achieve this technology goal, the Fundraising-Grant Committee is issuing a simple and direct request in lieu of an in-person event this academic year:

Can you support the purchase of more Chromebooks?

We are hoping that you will find the cause worthy and the format of the campaign refreshingly simple. With this fundraiser, 100% of your donation will go directly to the goal. Rather than a tax credit, your donation will be tax deductible and you will receive a receipt.

If the full cost of a Chromebook exceeds your donation budget, any amount you donate will be appreciated. Also, if you allow, we will recognize your contribution level along with the donors shown below who have already contributed. (Note:  This listing is updated each weekday, not automatically.)

Read the full campaign message here: Chromebook Drive Letter

If you or a business with which you are associated can participate, please consider one of the following sponsorship levels:

Supporter Level: Choose your donation amount.

Beth LaCour
Kerri Harlan
Larry and Patricia Egger
The Prusacki Family
The Glazer Family
The Aungst Family
The Johnson Family
The Carter Family
Ben & Carrie Beckstead
The Young Family
The Curtis Family
The Eadens Family
The Reed Family

Chrome Level ($300): Provide for 1 Chromebook

Steve Danner & Joanne Hopmeyer
David Lykins
The Tognacci Family
The Zeller Family
The Wagner Family
The Mackell/O'Brien Family
The Kohnen Family
Monet Martin and Kaibab Veterinary Clinic
The Kahl Family
Kevin and Carol Stephens
Dan Bennett
The Kwan Family
The Sterling Graber Family
The Karren Family
The Fleece Family
The Palmer Family
Arzu Medical & Scientific Writing Services and the Sarikaya-Werner Family
The Rohrbough Family
The Gussio Family
The Woodard Family
The Ulm Family
The Moezzi Family
Debra Waites
The Cox Family
The Hayes Family
The Hidinger Family
The Cribbs Family

Titanium Level ($900):
Provide for 3 Chromebooks. Your sponsorship (and logo) will be placed below and on NPA’s Facebook page.

Northern Arizona Orthodontics
Canyon Pet Hospital
Laurie and Cameron Staveley
The Burden Family
The Gillenwater Family
The Nicol Family
Adam and Tonya Boettcher
The Cook Family
Majestic Marketplace

Silicon Valley Level ($1500):
Provide for 5 Chromebooks. Your sponsorship (and logo) will be placed below and on NPA’s Facebook page.

Warner’s Nursery &
Landscape Company and
the Andersen Family
Your Name