NPA Coronavirus Information

There is much in the news about the coronavirus (COVID 19).  While there is much concern, NPA Administration would like our community to know that we are monitoring the situation and will continue to do so as long as it is deemed necessary.  At this time, the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) is recommending that schools remain open unless their county health department determines otherwise.  Coconino County has not had an outbreak of the disease. Still, NPA will continue to monitor the situation through the ADE, Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), and Coconino County Health Services. The health and safety of our students, teachers, and parents is paramount.  NPA Administration would like to share a bit of information.

All students need to take all their learning materials home for spring break.  That means:
This is imperative so that students are able to engage in the learning process in case there is a school closure after spring break.
Clean Sweep, our cleaning company will utilize approved coronavirus cleaning products to disinfect the NPA buildings over our scheduled spring break.
Continue to check the NPA homepage- for updated information.
Parents need to keep any sick children at home.  Please err on the side of caution if your child is sick at all, even with a cold.  NPA will exempt precautionary illness from our current attendance requirements for Thursday and Friday of this week.
Although we are a single local educational authority (LEA) we are governed by the AZ Department of Education.  They will issue a statewide memorandum for all member schools to follow.  We will not deviate from the AZ Department of Education guidance.  At 2:00 pm today, March 12, 2020, there will be a meeting of state leaders, Governor Doug Ducey, Superintendent Kathy Hoffman, and Department of Health Services Director, Dr. Cara Christ to provide guidance surrounding Arizona’s COVID-19 response for schools.

We will share any important information as soon as possible.
Toni Keberlein and David Lykins

Arizona Department of Education

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