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Programs Provided by Coconino County Public Health Services District

Common App Presents: Why Go To College/How To Prepare (MS-12th Grade)/ How to Pay For College

Excerpts from BLS
Tips on Admission Aid-Middlebury
Tips on Scholarship Hunting

Method TestPrep Links:

First-Time Account Setup:

Thereafter for Logging In:

Every NPA student regardless of grade level is able to open an account at this site to use practice materials in preparation for the SAT.  Includes diagnostics and lessons with practice questions, authentic released questions, and explanations for answers.

Free SAT Lessons on YouTube:

MIT grad posts a series of 10-minute lessons on various parts of the SAT.

ACT Testing Information:              

College Board SAT & AP Information

This is the place for all of the following related to testing:

  • Test Dates
  • Information about each test – SATs, APs
  • Online Registration for SAT Reasoning and Subject Test

Career Planning

Census Bureau Data on Careers:

Interesting Report on Earnings Across Career Fields

College Board Career Searching:

Profiles different types of career fields and

College Planning, Searching, and Application

Boston Latin School College Handbook:

A very useful guide to many aspects of the search and application process.

Ignore the references to things specific to that school, but use the rest, especially the 30 Questions starting on Page 23…

College Board Searches:

A very useful search engine to find colleges that fit characteristics you set forth in your search criteria.

Colleges That Change Lives:

This is a consortium of small liberal arts schools, originally featured in a book by Loren Pope.  He argues that schools such as these provide at least as good and maybe better educational experiences as the big-name/Ivy schools.  Many NPA kids would feel right at home in these settings…

Common Application                      

Almost 350 colleges and universities use the Common Application.  It is now possible to complete this application online.  Teacher recommendation letters can be done electronically, if the teacher prefers (check with each teacher).  However, because I cannot do the entire process online (no means to upload transcript info online), I complete the School Report (SR), including my recommendation letters, on paper, as well as the MidYear Report and the Final Report.

US News & World Report College Rankings:

Has rankings for colleges overall as well (Click on “Best Colleges” link)


password:   spartans

Western Undergraduate Exchange Program:

This is a program which some (not all) state schools in the Western US participate, allowing Arizona students the opportunity to attend at 150% of in-state tuition rather than the full out-of-state tuition rate they would normally pay.  Check the contact info for states & schools you may be interested in.  Ask a live person directly for info on which programs/schools participate, and instruction on how to apply as a WUE student.  Many of these slots are first-come, first-served, so if there is a program that may work for you, MAKE SURE TO BE READY TO APPLY AS SOON AS THEY START ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS.  If that date is July 1, make sure to get with me to have your transcript, etc. ready before the end of school in May.


Scholarships and Financial Aid

Fastweb College and Financial Aid Search:

Set up an account and a profile, and then receive a listing of scholarship opportunities that match your profile.  Sends you regular emails and reminders about new additions and deadlines.  I suggest you set up a separate email address just for this purpose (the emails are numerous), but check it regularly.  Best done during spring of junior year and summer before senior year.

Financial Aid Calculator

Federal Financial Aid Resources:

Home base for all federal aid programs.

Arizona Colleges and Universities

Arizona State University               

Coconino Community College

see for information on AGEC curriculum blocks for transferring credit to state universities

Northern Arizona University

Scholarship Estimator:

University of Arizona

Scholarship Estimator at:

Counseling, Support, Problems

Stress and Depression Flyer:

Created by NAU Nursing students