Message From T. Keberlein Regarding Remote Learning

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Good morning NPA Parents and Guardians,

I hope this email finds all of you well and happy.

NPA Online School is officially in session, which means that student participation is required.

  • Grading.  Because we cannot control the educational environment, as students are not in our classrooms, all work completed in Quarter 4 will only help bolster student grades and not lower them.
  • Expectations for Students: ALL work still needs to be completed because…
    • Students have the opportunity to raise their grades and gain important information needed later.
    • Teachers will “grade” student work, providing feedback so students know how they are doing and what they may do to continue improvement.
    • Students will need the new content to further prepare for future classes.
    • Student engagement in this educational opportunity is important for preparation for post-high school success.
    • Colleges and universities are increasingly using online learning as an educational platform, so participating in NPA Online is actually a learning experience in itself.
    • Most important:  in life, many things we do, we do because they are the right thing in the long run.
  • How Parents Can Help
    • Assist your children with daily check-ins in every class. Use the teacher websites as a launching point for checking in on learning materials, assignments, and due dates.
    • Please contact teachers if particular questions arise.
    • Insist that students engage in school. Many teachers, along with serious content, are crafting fun activities and community building projects to support social and emotional health.
    • Children need structure and community, and NPA Online is attempting to meet that need, but we need parents to support that mission by keeping your child engaged.
    • Check out our Social Media Connection.  NPA will be launching a Facebook campaign on the NPA Facebook site to build community and provide a fun activity for our students. Students will be asked to submit photos on different themes to share with the NPA community. For example, they might be asked to pose with their pets or a picture of them working at home.

On another note, the NPA campus is closed until further notice.  Please contact Vada Visockis or me if you or your student needs something from the buildings. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.Stay home and stay healthy,