4-6-20 Message About Spring Dual Enrollment-CCC

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Below are the grading options for spring semester Dual Enrollment students:

    1. Complete the college course outcomes by the end of spring semester and receive the earned letter grade. This is the preferred option for Dual Enrollment students.
    2. Complete the college course outcomes by the end of spring semester and choose a “Satisfactory” grade instead of the earned letter grade (if they perform at a “C” level or better). **NOTE: A “Satisfactory” grade will satisfy a course prerequisite when a grade of “C” or better is required. DE students in CCC Dual Enrollment courses that have a course prerequisite requirement (ENG 102, NAV 102, SPA 102, MAT 220, MAT 230, FRE 102) will be able to meet the prerequisite for the above listed courses by receiving a “Satisfactory” grade in the prerequisite course (ENG 101, NAV 101, SPA 101, MAT 187, MAT 220, FRE 101). However, students should be aware that a “Satisfactory” grade may not be accepted by universities and colleges outside of Arizona and that it will not satisfy the prerequisite of a “B” or better if such is required later in their college career. The only reason for a student to select this option is if their circumstances keep them from performing at their usual “A” or “B” level and they do not want the lower grade to affect their college GPA (“Satisfactory” grades are not counted in the college GPA).
    3. Drop the college course for a full refund. No college credit will be earned, but the course will not appear on the student’s transcript.