GuideSafe™ HealthCheck Attestation

Healthcheck, a COVID-19 Assessment Tool

By clicking the button below, I acknowledge and agree that one of the requirements I must satisfy to be eligible to return to campus is to complete the NPA HealthCheck to evaluate whether I am currently experiencing COVID-19-related symptoms, been exposed to COVID-19, and/or whether I have been tested for COVID-19.

I further acknowledge and agree that to return to campus, I am responsible for continuing to complete health screening updates related to COVID-19 through NPA HealthCheck  daily before school and that if I fail to do so, I will be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to revocation of my clearance to return to campus.

I understand that I may choose to receive text messages from NPA HealthCheck  reminding me to complete the daily health screenings, but that if I opt out from receiving such text messages, I am still responsible for completing the health screenings as described above.