Harry Potter Party Saturday, April 13, 2019

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Tomorrow Night, April 13, 2019 a very special event is going on at NPA.  The event is an exciting Harry Potter Party.  The party is mostly for our 8th grade students but there will be a Quiddich match between our Junior and Senior class teams.  All are invited to attend.  The match begins at 6:00pm and costs $5.00 except for 8th graders who are free.


5:00pm– all 8th NPA and new pre-9th graders will meet at the ‘Magical Meeting Spot’.  (Outside area where 8th graders eat lunch).  Students will be sorted into ‘Houses’ and will be led through a series of activities created, designed and staffed by NPA High School Students.
6:00pm– Quiddich Match in the NPA Gym.  All are welcome to attend.  $5:00 at the door.
8:00pm (or after Quiddich) all 8th grade students are invited to attend the special Yule Ball in their honor.