How to Apply

Steps in the application process:

We call it an application process because you submit an application for available spaces, but it’s not selective admission.  There’s no essay and no transcript submission.  Remember:  we’re not picking you, you’re picking us!  🙂

As a public charter school, NPA fully complies with applicable Arizona laws regarding charter school admissions.  Those with a legally sanctioned sibling, child of staff, or child of board relationship have preference, but all others are on equal footing in applying, and only need to be residents of Arizona at the time of enrollment (first day of school).

  1. Attend any one of the three Preview Sessions.
  2. Obtain application packet at conclusion of the Preview Session.
  3. Complete all application packet materials.
  4. Return completed application packet to NPA prior to the end of the Open Enrollment Period.
  5. The deadline for submitting applications is 4 pm on FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 2018.
    See “Preview Sessions” link at right regarding post-lottery applications.
  6. Obtain receipt for Application Packet from NPA receptionist.
  7. NPA expects to notify applicants of lottery results at the beginning of February. Thank you again for your interest in NPA.