For Those Re-Applying

Special Note to Those Planning to Re-Apply

Attendance at a preview session allows you to apply for the three lotteries which follow withouthaving to attend preview sessions in the years of re-application.

This means that if you attended a preview session during 2015-16 or during 2016-17, you may visit with the receptionist in our main building lobby beginning November 6, 2017  to pick up a packet for re-applying for the lottery to determine slots and wait lists for 2018-19.  Our office hours on school days are 8am-3:45pm.  Please be prepared to remind our staff of when you applied so they may more easily find you on our past lists and issue you a fresh application.

If you last attended a preview session in 2014-15 or before, you will need to attend a preview session this year in order to receive an application for the lottery in January, 2018.