How to Apply


Applications must be complete and received by January 14th in order to be included in the lottery.  (See #3 below.)

All applications after the deadline will be added to the waitlists in the order they are received.

Steps in the application process:

We call it an application process because you submit an application for available spaces, but it’s not selective admission.  There’s no essay and no transcript submission.  Remember:  we’re not picking you, you’re picking us!  🙂

As a public charter school, NPA fully complies with applicable Arizona laws regarding charter school admissions.  Those with a legally sanctioned sibling, child of staff, or child of board relationship have preference, but all others are on equal footing in applying, and only need to be residents of Arizona at the time of enrollment (first day of school).

  1. See “Tips for Completing the Online Registration” to the right!
  2. Click here to complete the Online Registration Form..
    If you cannot access the form online, come in to complete the application using the kiosk in the main lobby, or contact the school for an alternative form.
  3. Complete the application  and SUBMIT it by FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2022. We strongly suggest starting this process several days before the deadline to give you time to collect necessary forms and to avoid missing the deadline due to technical issues. Keep in mind that the school closes at 4:00 pm so you may not be able to get assistance after that time.Please note: If required documents are missing, are illegible, or won’t open, your application will be UNSUBMITTED and it will not be included in the lottery unless it is re-submitted with the corrected documents BEFORE the deadline. This process may take 2 to 3 days to complete. We highly recommend beginning the application process as soon as possible, well before the deadline.
  4. Save or print your emailed receipt once NPA staff has checked your application for completion, or get a receipt from the receptionist if submitting your paper application in person.
  5. NPA expects to notify applicants of lottery results at the beginning of February.

Note: We DO accept applications after the lottery deadline!
See “Applying Post-Lottery” link at right regarding post-lottery applications.

Thank you again for your interest in NPA.