Check Your Settings – Parent Email List

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Hello NPA Families,

Thank you for taking a minute to check your settings with us.

As you may recall, this fall we began using MailChimp for most of our email communications to the parent list.  Among some of its features, the program allows us to see statistics on how many parents open the emails.  We have noticed that a fairly sizeable proportion of the emails go unopened.  Apparently opens on iPhones do not register back to MailChimp, which explains some fraction of the statistics.  However, we’d still like to make sure you are receiving them successfully.

We have had a few reports from folks who say they are not receiving our emails.  Please take a moment to check that you are in fact receiving our emails.

Here are some of the recent emails that we have sent out via the MailChimp system (these are not the three most recent):

  • On January 22nd at 3:25pm, we sent out an email with the survey link regarding NPA’s search for our next Superintendent.
  • On January 26th, at 12:59pm, we sent out a reminder about the school’s Casino Night fundraiser on Feb. 24th to support science needs, MS playground equipment, and the CEC group’s efforts to support NPA. (BTW, the Early Bird Special ends this Thursday!)
  • Yesterday at 8:40am, an email went out about a community meeting and presentation on Feb. 8th about the risks associated with vaping.

If you did not get these emails, please check your spam filter.  If necessary, please modify your spam filter to allow all emails.

We fully understand that digital life in 2018 is hectic, and that your email inboxes (multiple inboxes for many of us!) are the target of all sorts of folks, including numerous marketing campaigns.  And we also realize that sometimes just the subject line of an email is enough for you to figure you don’t need to open it and read it.  However, email messages are still the most appropriate means for the school to get messages out, whether to a specific grade or to the entire parent community, so we rely on the community’s ability and willingness to read them.  While we used our OneCall text messaging system to invite you to this settings check today, and many parents might prefer texts, we prefer to use that system sparingly for special news, snow closures, and other important announcements.

We are respectfully asking that you give NPA emails the benefit of the doubt when you see them in your inbox.  Whether it is an administrative message, notice of an opportunity provided by the guidance department, or even a fundraising pitch from the school or a club or team, we ask that all families make the effort to be receptive to messages from the school.  Effective communication is a mutual responsibility on the part of the informer and the informed.  THANK YOU to those of you who already do this!


Please email Mrs. Kasprzyk at for any of the following or if you have other questions:

  • If you adjust your spam settings and wish to request a test email to confirm you have successfully reset your filter, or
  • If you wish to change which of your email accounts NPA uses,
  • If you wish to add an additional email address to our list so more of your inboxes receive our emails

Thank you very much for taking the time today to check your settings, and for your ongoing partnership in communication.