Clubs & Activities

Are you looking for a way to connect with others?  Are you trying to discover your interests and passions?  You’ve come to the right place!

Spartans are prepping for college and life at the same time.  NPA wants students to have opportunities to grow, lead, and play, so that they become not just well-rounded in the eyes of college admissions officers, but well-rounded for the sake of balance, happiness, fun, and becoming adults who are fulfilled, contributors to their communities, and the kind of people other people enjoy knowing.

From student leadership to service-oriented clubs, from science and mechanics to drama and music, Northland Preparatory Academy offers an array of clubs and activities, for all students, in all grade levels.  As you look at the list below, you’ll see that our clubs and activities are designed to provide an inclusive and inspiring experience for all who participate.

If we don’t currently have a club that suits your interests, you can be solution-focused by making a plan, finding a teacher who agrees to sponsor the club, and then requesting an appointment with an administrator to propose your idea for school sponsorship.

NPA-Sponsored Clubs & Activities

All Grades

  • Chess Club (All)
  • MakerSpace (All)
  • Mountain Biking Club (All)
  • National History Day Club (All)
  • Odyssey of the Mind (All) – dormant for 2018-19
  • Speech & Debate (All)- dormant for 2018-19
  • Young Authors’ Club (All)

Middle School

  • Drama Club (MS)
  • First Lego League Robotics (MS) – dormant for 2018-19
  • Glee Club (6th) — dormant for 2017-18
  • Grand Canyon Youth River Trips (MS)
  • Jazz Dance (6th & 7th)
  • Peers Club (MS)
  • Student Council (MS)
  • Washington D. C. Trip (8th grade)

 High School

  • Art & Photography Club (HS)
  • Future Creators in Science (10th/11th 2018-2020)
  • Grand Canyon Youth Corps (HS)
  • Mock Trial (HS) – dormant for 2018-19
  • Model UN (HS)
  • National Honor Society (10-12)
  • Peers Club (HS)
  • Prom Committee (11th)
  • Stage Tech Crew (HS)
  • Student Council (HS)

Student-Sponsored Clubs & Activities

Students may also develop clubs that are solely student-sponsored (for example, in situations including but not limited to those where the activity may be of a political or religious nature or otherwise outside the scope of school sponsorship).  Such clubs may meet and publicize their activities on campus but are not sponsored by NPA and do not have a faculty sponsor.

The current roster of student-sponsored clubs is below:

  • Baton Twirlers
  • Dance Team
  • Civil Air Patrol (CAP)
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) – dormant for 2018-19
  • Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)