Message from Mrs. Compain- 4-1-20

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Greetings NPA students and families!

As we settle into the new (temporary) routine, I wanted drop in and see how everyone was doing.
It has been nice with connecting with you virtually— please continue to reach out!

Today starts our remote learning so with that I have prepared some tips to help you transition to this model on succeed:

-ROUTINE:  wake up and go to bed at regular, consistent times…this will help regulate your sleep and help keep you on track!
-DEDICATED WORK SPACE:  have a set place that you can attend to your school work…make sure it is quiet and distraction free!
-CONSISTENCY:  this is key!  As with your wake up and bed times, have consistent times during the day when you log in to do your virtual school work…map out and plan these times before starting.  Be realistic in how much time you dedicate to each subject AND build in some reward and downtime, as well as time for physical activity, be it a run, lifting weights, yoga, whatever gives you some physical release time.
-FOLLOWTHROUGH:  again, this is key…the virtual learning may be new and different, but for now, it is what we have to work with, so make the most of it — your teachers are working hard to make sure you have as much material as possible, so engage with them and take advantage of this!
-COMMUNICATION:  because this is new and different for ALL of us, don’t be shy in communicating with your teachers if you need more clarification or help—your teachers want to help you!!!
-DEDICATION:  another key component to all of this…dedicate yourself to this practice for the time we are out of school
-MAINTAIN/BALANCE:  remember to take care of YOURSELF during this time…get your sleep, eat well, practice self-care
-REALIZATION THAT THIS IS TEMPORARY:  soon enough we will all return to our old way of life and we will see each other face to face!!! Let’s try not to see this time as a punishment, but rather a chance to reset your life and take inventory of what really matters!!

Here are some new updates for you:
ALL STUDENTS:  Reminding you that I have phone appointments available if you need one!  Just email me and provide your contact number and I’ll schedule a call with you!
Mental Health Wellness Tips

  • While we may not be able to hold many of the “Next Step” meetings on campus as planned, many schools will be reaching out to you for “virtual” next step meetings!
  • Many schools are now extending application/acceptance and deposits dates to June 1st to remain flexible— please be sure to check with your preferred schools.
  • Many schools will also accept June SAT and or ACT scores from you, again, please consult school websites for those deadlines.


  • You can use this time to also “virtually” visit schools of interest to you.  Through the admission websites, you can take a virtual tour of campus and see all that it has to offer, from the comfort of your living room! – virtual tour,, Virtual Visit  U of A.
  • You may start to note that many schools are moving to a “test-optional” model in admission consideration.
  • Now is a great time to look at websites like Common App, where you can see what schools participate, as well as essay topics.
  • You can also use this time to update your resume and organize your awards, certificates, and achievement folders.

ALL (returning) STUDENTS:

  • Ms. Callan continues to work on next years course planning and scheduling.  Please stay tuned for more information!
  • Something interesting to consider doing during this COVID-19 shutdown…keep a journal or diary of daily occurrences, events, toilet paper/hand sanitizer shortages, your feelings as this might something you want to keep track of to share years from now—because who would ever believe something like this ever happened!!

Parents: Please refer to this link, as well as the attached PDF that includes some tips for quarantine,  for helping your children process all the COVID-19 Virus information-
And…don’t forget—
We miss you all!!!!
See you all soon!!!!

Mrs. Compain

Hello NPA students!

I am posting this picture so that you can see we really are all in this together!  I am in my dedicated virtual workspace, wearing my comfy clothes, blue-light blocking glasses, drinking my coffee, and ready to “meet with you!”

I want to let you know that I am now available to also meet with you for phone appointments, should you need one.

To do so, please email me and provide me with your contact number and we’ll set an appointment to chat!

As we move to this (temporary) virtual learning platform, I want to share some of my tips for success!well, practice self-care (refer to the self-care wheels)

REALIZATION THAT THIS IS TEMPORARY:  soon enough we will all return to our old way of life and we will see each other face to face!!! Let’s try not to see this time as a punishment, but rather a chance to reset your life, take inventory of what really matters!!

I miss you all and hope to see you soon!