How to Add HealthCheck (Phone & Web)

For instructions on how to install GuideSafe HealthCheck on your phone, please go to the NPA HealthCheck Flyer   for complete instructions.

Passport issues daily clearance to campus based on a proprietary COVID-19 risk algorithm. Each user is assigned a unique passport number indicating their status of “Clear” or “Not Clear” for the school day.

The GuideSafe™ solution has been fully vetted by Legal, HR and the Institutional Review Board at UAB, the 4th largest academic medical center in the United States.

From a computer or phone browser:

You can access GuideSafe™ Event Passport on a phone, tablet, or computer by going to NPA HealthCheck. It is mobile-enabled so that it can be easily viewed on your phone. The site can be pinned to your smartphone home screen so that it appears as an app.

GuideSafe™ App

The GuideSafe™️  app was developed by the Alabama Department of Public Health in cooperation with the University of Alabama at Birmingham and MotionMobs, using technology from a collaboration between Apple and Google. Users of the app exchange anonymous codes among their phones using Bluetooth — no location data is ever stored or exchanged, and your personal information is never shared.

Here’s How the App Works:

Step 1: Download the GuideSafe™ Exposure Notification App
from or the

Step 2: Log in to the system If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you can choose to report it.

Event Passport helps us manage large groups and limit further exposure to COVID-19. Let’s stay safe together.