NPA Summer School

Need to catch up, need more help, or just want to take a fun class?
Enroll in NPA’s summer school program today!!

Our summer school curriculum is a comprehensive, standards based online program that can be taken at school with the help of a teacher, and/or in the comfort of your own home.  It’s simple and easy to use, is affordable, engaging, and offers both middle and high school leveled courses, as well as, foreign languages, and many elective choices.

Students who need to take summer school for credit recovery will be required to attend in person with a certified teacher each week.  Students taking courses for educational enrichment (non-credit) will have the option of coming to school if they choose or accessing it from home.  NPA prides itself on the quality of education, curriculum, and college prep experience our teachers provide during a normal school year; therefore, our summer school program is not intended for students to “work ahead or replace” any courses they would take during a normal school year.

There are close to over 150 a non-credit educational enrichment courses ranging from business and health science, to public safety, law, culinary art, and technology to name a few.  We urge students to please check out the link of those course listings located here: Course Listings (link opens in new window)

Credit Recovery Courses: TBD by teacher, Dean of Students, and Counselor/Program Coordinator

Location: NPA


  • Algebra – Live (Mrs. Goodman)
  • Backbone – 108 No Fees!


  • June 1- June 25th (16 days, M-Th)

Registration Fees (due by May 31st):

  • $200 for .5 credit (one semester credit recovery)
  • $300 for 1.0 credit (full year credit recovery)
  • $75 for non-credit elective (Educational Enrichment)

Complete Registration Form (Google Form opens in new tab)

**Checks may be made payable to Northland Preparatory Academy or pay by credit card via the appropriate link below:




For questions, please contact Mrs. Trisha Callan-Eberlein, Counselor and Program Coordinator
(928) 214-8776 or email